Mystery Traffic-{Pink And Brown Outfit}

~*~.>Hat-Maurice's. Wooden zebra striped earrings-Claires. Lace Crop Top-Deb's. Pink Shirt-Thrifted. Belt-?, Skirt-Hand me down from sister-in-law. ~*~.>

So you you've probably read the whole "don't worry about the numbers-they don't matter"-but I look at mine. They're so easily accessible-right there on the posts page, numbers. But through the past two weeks or so, one post has been getting HUGE amounts of traffic! I have to say, it's driving me insane! I can't find any referral links directing traffic. The post currently has 1,008 page views! My other posts get about 150-ish page views  So, mystery solvers? Can anyone explain this one to me? 

Anyway, onto the outfit post (what I'm supposed to be writing about...) I haven't worn my lace crop top in awhile, so I thought I'd dust it off and wear it today. I paired it with a simple cheery pink colored shirt and brown skirt. To make it a bit more me, I added some statement pieces. The earrings are actually wooden-how cool is that?! I'm slightly obsessed with the statement ring I'm wearing-I think I've worn it for at least three outfit posts previously. The belt adds a bit of waist definition to the loose fitting shirt. I'm a big believer in the whole "loose with fitted" rule-you know-loose skirt, fitted shirt (and vice-versus). It keeps outfits from appearing frumpy. 

QUESTION: How do you keep your outfits from looking frumpy?


  1. Really cute outfit! You are so pretty! I really, really agree with the loose and fitted rule. :-)

  2. I have a lace crop top that is similar that the one you have, but mine is black. And I think loose with fitted is a BASIC rule that everybody should follow.


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