Your Convictions-Or Their's? & Plaid Wool Skirt!

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One of the many good things that has come from writing on this blog (and reading other people's blogs) is that I now own my convictions. A hard thing for most girls to realize is that your parent's convictions are not your convictions! I've had numerous young ladies comment on my blog stating basically: "If only I was on my own, then I'd know what I believe about modesty." But I don't believe that! My mom and I used to have fights about my clothes, sometimes ending in tears. I didn't understand her convictions about modesty, and I didn't really want to. I'd grumble and complain and head to the closet to change my clothes-but not with the right heart. 

But what is the point of that? I'm not really sure when it "clicked" for me, but it was definitely God's leading. I decided that maybe my parents knew a thing or two. Maybe that tight shirt wasn't such a good idea. I was blessed to see some great examples of modesty through the internet-all of the ladies older than me. It wasn't a flashing light moment or anything like that, I just decided that my parent's modesty standards are my standards. I adopted their standards and actually added some of my own! I really want to encourage all of you (especially the younger readers) to listen to your mom when she says "Hey, I don't think that shirt is very modest..." Believe me, I know it can be hard and frustrating! The temptation to show off your body, look "hot" and dress "fashionable" are always there. I'm sorry, but they don't go away. However, you can dress flatteringly and not to show off your body! You can look beautiful instead of "hot". And of course the myth about not being fashionable while dressing modestly is a myth! ; ) I believe that there is always another option-even for tight shirts (pairing them with a vest or something that covers the areas that are too tight). 

So I encourage you to think about your convictions-are they your's? Or are you parroting what your parents say, not really believing it? Trust me, your parents know a lot more than you do! If you don't have a godly mother/father/sister/brother in your life who can help you in the area of modesty, I would be so blessed if you would let me help you! I'm positive we can come up with some ways to make your outfits modest and cute at the same time! And don't be shy, asking questions is nothing to be ashamed of! If modesty is new to you, please don't hesitate to ask anything you've been wondering-I'd be glad to answer them! I know that not everyone has Godly parents to guide them in this area, so ask away! 

Anything else you can add ladies?


  1. I want to get more plaid in my closet! Cute look! I'm your newest follower :) I would love for you to follow my blog too!

  2. Great post Natasha.

    I had the same experience growing up. When you're thirteen, you just don't understand the harm in dressing immodestly. It's really hard to dress differently than everyone else, and I got made fun of by other girls- at church- for wearing loose jeans. Now I understand better- at least a little better- and I want to be seen as modest. I'm still tempted to dress in ways I shouldn't, but I do want to be respected by men- and women!- and have some dignity about me, which revealing clothes just don't allow you.

    I think there's some value to following your parents' modesty standards, at least while you're in their house, even if you don't really agree with all of it. It's part of the commandment to honor your parents- and God promises blessings if you do that.

  3. It's so important to have standards and convictions of your own. Otherwise it just won't last! I agree with you on this issue. :-) :-)

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! :-)

  5. My parents were strict about behavior but not so much about appearance. I wore some somewhat immodest outfits as a teen and thinking back I wonder how I was ever comfortable in those particular short skirts. I didn't really think about modesty until I really started dating seriously. Then you start to notice that some outfits attract the wrong kind of person, or even that nice young men might make comments you weren't expecting about your outfits. I decided at one point that all very short skirts and dresses had to go. I felt more comfortable in many ways after that. This is not the best way to learn this lesson, so it's great to know that there are young ladies who are thinking about this at a young age. I was brought up with good moral teachings in most areas, but I do wish my family had been just a bit less lenient about clothes.

  6. Personally, I think our society and I blame the media for this, prefers a sexy girl instead of a cute and feminine girl. This's something that affect teenagers mainly, because they're going through a phase of self-discovering, so they're probing different styles and at the same time parents, friends and media are telling them how they should to dress up. But when you get older and you get more knowledge about yourself, then is easier for you to dress up how you really are and feel.


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