What I Wear-1950's Style eShakti Dress!


My favorite: pockets!!!

Lovely puffed sleeves Anne Of Green Gables would be proud of!
So I'm the worst blogger EVER! eShakti sent me this September....and I haven't posted until now! I feel awful about how long it took me to get pictures! I tried it on the first day I got it, hung it up in my closet and promptly forgot it! And how could I?! It's adorable-isn't it?! The fabric feels so nice and soft and fits beautifully! The waistline is a bit too fitted for my taste, thus the vest over the top. With my body shape (hourglass) it can be very easy to draw too much attention to the bustline. So the addition of the vest and also the belt help draw attention away from that area and make it appropriate to wear. I love that eShakti offers so many customization options (sleeves, length and even custom fitting for a small fee). I chose the puffed sleeves and knee length options. 

I paired it with a lace vest from Maurices, cream colored long sleeve Halftee, and a belt that came with another dress. I also wore my Forever 21 boots and white leggings from Vanity. 

The dress has a definite 1950's feel to it! I think next time I may pair it with ballet flats and a pink cardigan. How would you style this dress?


  1. So cute, Natasha. I love it, and the vest adds a cute feminin touch.

  2. I have serious love for that dress. Every time I hear about eShakti I check out their site and want to buy something aaaaaaaand then promptly forget about them. Sigh.

    Uber cute Natasha.

    I would probably wear it similarly to the way you are, but probably without the vest.

    - Kali

  3. Very pretty! I'm your newest follower!

  4. That's a really cute dress. I like the way you styled it. I think it's very versatile and could be styled lots of ways. I'm thinking tall boots and a tank in a color underneath with coordinating scarf?

  5. That's a beautiful dress- and I applaud you for taking fashion pictures even in the snow! I'm pretty sure when we have snow here, my fashion photo shoots will stop abruptly


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