What I Wear-Toxic Talk And Casual Hoodie Look

The ring I'm obsessed with....
I'm Wearing: Hoodie-Thrifted. White shirt-Maurice's. Lace tank top-Vanity. Blue Jean Skirt-Thirfted. Ring-Claire's 

For part of my school I've been watching the DVDs of the "Reforming Food" conference by Vision Forum. I really enjoyed the 7 Toxins as well as Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny. I've always been fascinated by hod God has designed our bodies-to heal! The fact that we have to switch up our exercise in order for it remain effective (because our bodies say "Hey, we're doing this again? Okay! I've built up muscles specifically for that purpose!"-on a side note my bodies voice has a really cool British accent! LOL!) Anyway, the Dr. on the DVD was talking about how we're bombarded with so many toxins-whether from our environment or actually emotional issues. I found the emotional issues very interesting, you used a guy who had really high blood pressure as an example, and he felt like God told him to ask him about forgiveness  which he reluctantly did. The guy admitted that he hadn't forgiven someone who'd stabbed him in the back (figuratively, not literally). So the Dr. told him to talk to his pastor and come back. The man came back, having forgiven the guy. Guess what? His blood pressure was normal! The stress of un-forgiveness had literally made him sick! 

Basically we have problems when our body can no longer handle the load of toxins in it's system. So being repeatedly exposed to a certain toxin (different for every person) can make you sick. But by releasing those toxins, we allow our bodies to heal themselves, without the use of drugs. Various ways of releasing them include: sweating, exercise, diet, etc. I also discovered something called the olive oil cleanse, you take a generous amount of olive oil (good quality not cheapy stuff) and massage it into your face/neck, then you soak a washcloth in semi-hot water (not scalding) and leave it over your face for 10-20 seconds. Then you take the washcloth off, rinse it off in hot water and gently rub away the remaining olive oil a couple times until it's all off your face. I've seen a great improvement in my acne, plus softer skin!
I did find in a couple places online something called "body brushing" which was interesting. Basically you use a semi-harsh brush on your whole body and take a steamy shower and that helps release toxins. 

Has anyone tried this, or know anything about this? 
What are your thoughts on toxins and releasing them?


  1. Cute outfit! Love hoodies. :)
    I have yet to listen to the talks from the conference-- I've heard parts of a couple around the house, and they're good. I think the talk you are speaking about here was actually given by my sister's Dr. She's been in bed sick for about 2 years. :-/ She started seeing him recently and he's had her on a "cleanse" diet for about a month now... quite interesting! I do not envy her. :P Stuff like only eating fish and veggies for weeks. O.o I think it's starting to work though. :)
    Olive oil face treatments sound quite relaxing! Have you heard of oil pulling? If you haven't, you should google it. I keep forgetting to do it, but when I do it seems to pull out some toxins. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I like the post and you know,two weeks ago I received a "wake up" call from my body, because I felt so overwhelming by lots of personal issues that I started to eat more than usual, so my body couldn't resist it.

    I've always heard that our body is the perfect machine that exist and I'm sure it is.


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