What I Wear-"Oh Yeah! I'm Bad-Black AND Brown!"

So yeah, I'm so bad-wearing black and brown together! For whatever reason, this sweater was screaming to be paired with this skirt! The outfit turned out nicely, simple yet cute! I enjoy pairing muted earth tones with bright pops of color-such as this red skirt! I love the shape and pattern of it! I'm wearing a turtle necklace saved by my brother. It used to be my older sister's necklace, but she gave it to me because it was too noisy-the legs and tail moved-loudly. So I asked my brother to fill the leg holes with hot glue-'voila! Silent turtle! 

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  1. This turned out really cute. I don't usually think of wearing them together, but the skirt really tied them both in. I LOVE the pop of color. :)


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