What I Wear-A Snowmobile!

Me, Patience, Onan and my dad

 So supposedly people enjoy reading the occasional "personal" post-let me know if you don't! Hope your Thanksgiving was full of thankfulness and family. We had a lovely time-had our neighbors/friends over for lunch and played a little music. I had self control and didn't stuff myself, although I'm already getting bored with the leftovers! Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, my dad and sister were able to take off a couple extra days-break out the "new" snowmobiles! We were blessed enough to find a guy on Craigslist wanting to sell his snowmobiles for a good price! So much fun! Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough snow to go for long, but it was fun none the less.
You can always learn new things about your siblings-like the fact that my little sister Patience (12yrs old) has  a "lead thumb"! LOL! My dad went down with her (she has never ridden one before) and (in his words) "she was going so fast I almost fell off!" : ) Funny thing is, that's exactly opposite my personality  for instance my mom had to tell me to hit the GAS on the car the first time I drove!
In other news, the extra days off keep making me think it's Saturday-which is fine unless I get up 7:00AM tomorrow for church!
How was your thanksgiving-did you do anything fun/boring/sad/exciting?


  1. I do love reading personal posts!! :) My Thanksgiving was pretty laid-back. We had the typical big meal, and tons of pie, and basically just sat/laid around all afternoon. lol (Talking of course.)

  2. Glad you had a fun thanksgiving, I've always wanted to ride a snowmobile! :-) My family is celebrating tomorrow, since its not a celebrated holiday here in Romania. So we just decided to do it on Sunday afternoon!

  3. great post!


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