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Idols, a word that isn't used much now-a-days-the only time you really hear it is perhaps in church. But idols aren't just gold statues-they're anything from money and fame to boys and family. Basically, they're anything that comes between you and God. I've been thinking lately about how idols affect our relationship with God in such a huge way, even to the extent that you get grouchy and creepy because of it! God convicted me the other day about one of my idol lately-my future. Honestly, the "future" isn't looking so hot, many questions keep fogging my brain-what about a job? What are my goals/What should I do with my life? What about getting married? I've been allowing Satan to use a really big tool in my life-fear. More specifically, fear or the unknown. Instead of turning to God for comfort and answers, I turned to myself. But, thing is, I sort of stink at being R.O.T.U (Ruler of the universe). God is so much better than I at dealing with my problems! He has all the answers and I don't have to worry-so what have I learned? 

#1-God knows what job is for me, when I should have it and where it will be. As long as I'm seeking Him, He'll take care of the rest. #2-My goal should be to have a thriving ongoing relationship with my Savior, which is all that really matters in the long run. #3-If I can trust God that I'm going to Heaven when I die, surely I can trust Him for a spouse someday. If I'm supposed to stay single, I know God can give me the peace to accept it. So I guess it boils down to-*music please* "He's got the whole world, in His hands...." I can be at peace because it's not up to me to be perfect, or make perfect decisions or live a perfect life. And that gives me peace and the ability to let go of my "future idol" and leave it in God's hands to do with as He sees fit. 


  1. Couldn't agree more with your conclusions! That's been my idol too and occasionally I let it takeover again! But the Bible says that "perfect love casts out fear." We have nothing to be afraid of because Jesus is on our side. Blessings!


  2. Cute outfit and very good thoughts, Natasha. Yes, you CAN absolutely trust God with your future... a lesson that I am STILL learning as a marriage woman!

    God bless!


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