NEW! Modest Fashion Blogger Of The Month-December!

How would you like to be MFB of January? Here's what you get if you're chosen:
  • A Modest Fashion Blogger of The Month button for the current month. 
  • An interview with What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It-via email, posted to this blog. 
  • A link to your blog on my sidebar-or button (whichever is preferred) for one month. 

Requirements to participate-
  • You must have a What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It button posted on your sidebar(you can get the HTML for one on my sidebar).
  • The blog entered must be appropriate for all eyes.
  • In order to be considered a "modest fashion blog" I ask that the blog have an outfit posted at least every 3 posts. 
  • Clothing displayed on the blog should be modest-for clarification purposes only (I realize that these are not everyone's standards): no cleavage, skirts should be at the knee if worn be themselves, if accompanied by leggings can be shorter. Jeans should not be overly tight or revealing. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse any entry that I do not feel would be appropriate to share on this blog. 
  • In the event that I do not choose any of the blogs entered, the MFB of the month will be canceled. 
I think this will be a great way to find some fantastic modest fashion blogs to read, as well as help spread the word about other lovely modest fashion blogs! So here's how to enter:
Simply leave a comment with the blog address you're entering as well as your email address (for the interview). I will be reviewing blogs as they come in, on January 1st 2013 (Yikes! Another year!) I will announce the MFB of January. I will email the blog owner with the interview questions (feel free to suggest questions to be asked!). The interview will be posted ASAP, hopefully by the first week of January. What are you waiting for?! Submit your modest fashion blog!


  1. I'd love this :-), thanks for even considering doing this!!

    Blog address:


  2. Awesome! I'll definitely be entering this :-)

    Blog url:

    Great idea :-)


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