What I Wear-Are We Morons?


 I'm Wearing: Hat-Forever 21, Shirt-Thrifted, Sweater-Old Navy, Skirt-Thrifted,

I was reading an article the other day entitled: "Modest fashion blogs-an oxymoron?" While the article itself was well balanced, and they didn't side with the modest fashion bloggers, or the people opposing them, it left a bad taste in my mouth. The basic jist was that fashion bloggers think modest fashion blogging is crazy, since we apparently are all "vain" because we post pictures of ourselves. Is that really why modest fashion bloggers are blogging? It's certainly not my reason for blogging! I can honestly say that I'm not posting these pictures so I can look at myself, or even so you'll look at me. My purpose in posting photos of my outfits isn't to show off my clothes, or even how stylish I am! I want to encourage other young women to dress modestly, to show that you can dress cute while leaving the revealing clothes in your closet. As for posting pictures of myself, it's sort of a must! Honestly, I would never take style advice from a blogger who doesn't have any pictures of her personal outfits too seriously! That's sort of like a Dr. saying, "Hey, I'm a doctor, just trust me-you don't need to see my diploma!". So just for the record-I'm not posting pictures because I'm vain. Hopefully you click out of my blog with a little inspiration, and a lot of encouragement that you're not alone in your dressing modestly! 

QUESTION: Which type of outfits would you like to see more of-causal? Dressy? Sunday wear? Comment and let me know! 


  1. I love the hat! Chartreuse is a great color!

    And I don't think being a modest blogger or any blogger means you are being showy or vain. I am sure the motives for everyone when it comes to blogging are different but I agree with you I blog to show the world how to be stylish and unique! I think the writer of that article is being pretty presumptuous.


    The Criminally Expensive

  2. Yeah, I read the same or a similar article a while ago and although that is true for some bloggers I don't think that being a blogger automatically makes an individual vain. I think you can tell if a blogger is being egocentric by their poses and the things that they say, and you aren't self-centered by these standards! Also, cute boots!

  3. Love this post. I feel the same way! It never once crossed my mind to use my blog as a means to show off. I blog to show young girls that they can make modesty look fashionable and even encourage others to try it. It's also allowed me the opportunity I witness.

    I blog for Christ :)


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