Girls 4 Sport Swimwear!

Girls 4 Sport was gracious enough to send me a beautiful swim top to review! I actually don't do much swimming, but the top is super modest and I actually wore it a couple times to exercise in! The armholes were the biggest plus, as they are cut high enough to be modest, but not too high where they're uncomfortable. The  fabric is very nice and appears to be very high quality. The only negatives I had was that the shirt could've been a bit longer, but that may be because I have a pretty long torso (I'm 5"8). 

 I highly recommend you check out their site and see all the lovely things they have. They've released a new line of actual workout clothes! I reviewed this top:
Honestly, the photos don't do this top justice-it's much cuter in person! This is the "Zen Garden" print. 

Rebbecca-the woman I emailed about the product said this about the company:

    "As always, we work hard to not objectify women/girls and we're manufactured in the U.S. Kim and Leanne (the owners) work pretty easy hours, hire people locally at decent wages AND the people who do the cut and sew on the actual garments are either family businesses and/or very by the book work situations with breaks/lunches/wages/normal hours (no sweat shops)." 
Check out their new line of active wear here:

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  1. I've seen the site and there lots of clothing that I'd buy :). Actually there's a white swim top that I feel in love with.

    Thanks for the recommendation.


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