What I Wear-Montana-Really?!

I'm sorely disappointed in you Montana! Supposed to be white and snowy, yet you're melting. See, when you find out how fun snowmobiles are-you start craving snow! I was really hoping it would snow last weekend so we could use them again...alas-no...
I'm wearing: Shirt/hoodie-Thirfted, Scarf-Vanity, Skirt-Thrifted, 
I'm wearing another outfit on the casual side, and yes, another blue jean skirt! They're just so easy to wear! They go with simply everything, they're comfortable and long ones are warm as well! I know these shoes aren't "long skirt" material...but-they're warm. I wish the fur was a little bit further up so it didn't peek out-but you can't have everything! 
This hoodie actually didn't fit very well last year-but this year it's a lot looser-yay! I paired it with my black eternity scarf and a tank top for extra warmth. 
QUESTION: What clothing item do you find yourself gravitating towards and always wearing?


  1. I love the scarf! I tend to gravitate towards sweats, jeans and the color black :P I'm all about comfort and simplicity ;)
    xx Natalia

  2. I have a very similar skirt that I wear a lot but I lost weight and now it's too loose. I need to find another one like it. One thing I especially like about it is that it doesn't have to be ironed to look decent and not all jean material is like that. Your outfit is cute and cozy!

  3. I think that I definitely gravitate toward jeans skirts, because, like you said, they are so effortless.

  4. Casual but really cute at the same time! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it:)

  5. Hello! I just found your blog when I was over reading Fresh Modesty and LOVE IT!!!! All of your clothes are so pretty, but still modest! Thank you so much!!!

    Your shirt is so pretty!!! I love the bright color. :)

    Oh, I know the feeling. I'm in Wisconsin, and there's no snow at all. :(


  6. okay so i know you said the skirt is thrifted but what is the brand? I've been looking for that EXACT type of jean skirt! I Love the darkness of it!! :)


    1. Laura,
      Thanks for commenting! It's Liz Clairborne brand! Hopefully that helps you find one! Sorry I can't be of more help!


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