What I Wear-Avonlea Sweater-The Word "Obsession" Comes To Mind...

I'm Wearing: Cream Sweater-Forever 21 ($5), Lace Tank-Vanity ($9), Skirt-Hand me down  
Perhaps you'll think me obsessed with the Avonlea TV series, but when I saw this sweater on sale at Forever 21 I couldn't pass it up! It reminded me so much of similar sweaters worn on the show! It's super warm and cozy-obviously had to be paired with a long skirt! I  wasn't thrilled that I don't have a color close this sweater's-so I got over it. The sweater is too sheer to wear by itself, thus the lace sticking out. 

I resisted the urge this morning to dress in my new denim jacket-partially because of Dawnelle! She was talking about how she's constantly wearing her new clothes, because...their new! I can totally relate! For whatever reason, I'll wear a new item into oblivion, then get sick of it, attach myself to a new item...and so on and so forth!
For blue jean skirt...someone commented that I wear it a lot-which I do! So I've been avoiding it for the time being, branching out and trying to wear more of the stuff in my closet versus just the blue jean skirt! ; ) But gee! It's so versatile and...easy. Yeah okay-I guess I'm just lazy! LOL! Anyway, I'm attempting to wear different skirts for at least...two days? ; ) 

Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards the new items in your closet, versus the old?


  1. I've never seen Avonlea, but I love your sweater! And the layered necklaces- I like how you do that!
    I've been aware that I gravitate toward the new things in my closet too. Once I get something new, the other things look out of style in comparison or a little worn or something. Even if they looked fine to me until just then! When I match something old with something new, that usually helps me love them a bit more.

  2. This sweater DOES remind me of Avonlea! I can relate to the whole "only wearing the new" thing. I really try to make use of my "old" stuff as well and switch things around. :-)

    Cute outfit, by the way!!!

    God bless!

  3. WOW. This is one of the best outfits I've seen on you! It fits you really well, and the colors look great on you! And the way you layered those necklaces is soooo cute and fashionable. I've wanted to layer necklaces but always felt that it looks way too tacky, but you did a great job in pairing them together and stuff.


  4. I love the Avonlea show!! That sweater does remind me of it!
    I love your outfit by the way, so gorgeous!

  5. I love your necklaces, and that sweater is super cute. Gorgeous hair too, I wish I could wear mine long like that.

  6. This is one of your best outfits! Love the multiple necklaces.

  7. How about wearing that tan cotton skirt you have...haven't seen that in awhile!!

  8. No way! $5 for the sweater?! Wow! *makes a break to forever21*

  9. This sweater looks so comfortable! What an awesome piece.

    I totally do the same thing with my new clothes :)


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