What I Wear-Awkwardddd.....

I'm Wearing: Scarf-Vanity ($8), Dress-Thrifted ($10), Blue Jean Jacket-Vanity ($15), Boots-Vanity($10)
Forgive me for what I'm about to'll be seeing this scarf...and this jacket in a few days! I actually wore this outfit yesterday (Saturday) and I didn't realize I even wore the same scarf! I suppose I'm destined to repeat outfit items-tragedy comes in many forms my dears.

Speaking of Saturday-I had an awkward moment in Wal Mart, I was waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom-two little girls and their Dad waiting as well-I hear "Daddy, that lady's really pretty!" Then silence. Okay. #1, very sweet compliment-especially from a little kid! But...#2-umm...awkward! After which I uncomfortably decided it would be good idea to check out what guy shoes were on sale...LOL! 
Anyway-that's about all I can think of to write about-what can I say? Life is what you make it...mine's boring-and I like it! ; ) 

Oh yeah-today is the best day in America-Super bowl Sunday! What's that you ask? don't watch football! But my dad does-and today IT ENDS! WOO HOO! Seriously I just can't see the appeal-sorry football fans!   

Any football fans out there? Anti-football? Leave a comment and tell me which you are! 


  1. looking fabulous! I love the mix of prints and color choice. Awesome!!

  2. I actually enjoy watching the super bowl. :) I'm not big into foot ball, but I defiantly think that I would be if I spent the time to figure out the rules. :) I used to be completely anti-football. (my philosophy for it was; They are all fighting (and getting hurt) over a little leather ball, when Target has a thousand more that look identical. :p) But I've loosened up in the area of sports in general lately. :)

    Anyway, cute outfit. I love that dress (skirt?) it is just so pretty. I don't think that I could do the boots though. Just a little wild for me. :)

    I enjoy your posts a lot, Natasha.

    Becca Anne

  3. Absolutely adore everything about this outfit, Natasha! SO pretty!

    God bless!

  4. Lovely outfit, Natasha! Your scarf and belt really pull this look together. =) You look gorgeous!
    We did watch some of the Superbowl, and I actually do enjoy watching it. I suppose that's because of the countless backyard football games I've played with my brothers. =) However, it's not my entertainment of choice. =) I'd much rather play our backyard ball! =)

  5. I love your Jean jacket!! Are the sleeves black? Or are they denim too? :)

    1. Lynn-the sleeves are actually dark blue jean-though they do look black in that lighting! :)
      Thanks for for commenting!

    2. Ooooh they are?.......dark denim sleeves on a light denim jacket is such an awesome contrast!!! :))

  6. I love this look! Those boots are the cutest! I actually like football...thanks to my husband (didn't before I got married) and we missed the super bowl. Husband was sad :)

  7. I love the look. I just adore floral! I wear it all year round. I agree about football. I just don't get it. I'm a baseball gal. Thanks for the kind words on my blog I appreciate it. Sometimes all it takes is a little caring comment to cheer someone up!


    The Criminally Expensive

  8. Super cute outfit! I love how you styled the dress. Normally I would pair boots in that color with black, but I love how you did it! It looks super cute and stylish!

  9. I'm all sorts of jealous over your boots. I wanted these, but they were sold out in my size and in a moment of retail passion, I settled for the ankle bootie which are about half as awesome...and half as tall.


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