What I Wear-Boho Chic Braid And Jean Jacket!

Jean Jacket-Vanity ($15)// Green Shirt-JcPenney ($4)// White Skirt-Ross ($?)// ($20)
So good news, I have another item to drive you crazy wearing all the time! ; ) I've been looking for a decently priced, cute, dark wash jean jacket for quite some time. Guess what? I finally found one! It was (in my opinion) a bit on the high priced side-I paid $15 for it. But, I feel like I can get some serious wear out of it-since it's so versatile! 
This is what I wore to church, I decided on this long white skirt instead of a knee length one, since I was watching the kids this week. The Sunday School teacher was out sick, so my sister Melissa and I decided to volunteer. I find maxi dresses more comfortable (and appropriate!) to sit, sing "Father Abraham" and generally act like a kid in. Plus, it has very absorbent fabric for small children to wipe slobber on that has dripped from another child's mouth....*clears throat* I love kids...but sometimes...  
Yes, I'm aware of the fact that my hair looks like completely different colors in both pictures! I have no idea why!
I was "Pinspired" to do this hair style-I think it came out well! I'm also thinking I should experiment some more with braids, they look so cute-yet they're so simple and easy to do! I also braided and wet my hair down Saturday night so it was wavy. 

What hairstyle do you enjoy for something "different"? 


  1. I love your jean jacket!! I think $15 is a great price for a jean jacket, especially for the one you've been wanting. =) You look really great in this outfit, and I like your hair! =) Very inspiring. =)

  2. Very pretty outfit, Natasha! Your hair looks really lovely too!

    God bless!

  3. Very pretty hair! And,I love how you made the white skirt work for winter...Super adorable!

  4. Oh I love braids!! They keep your hair out of the way and look classy and fabulous at the same time!!


  5. That's a great outfit ! I love the denim jacket : i myself bought one recently, 2 weeks ago actually, and I love it...I paid 12€ (which is about 10$) in a thrift store ! I can't wait for spring to come and wear it !
    Your hairstyle is pretty ! I might try it when my hair gets longer ! I love trying braided hairstyle but I'm not that brave and it doesn't occur so often ;-)
    Blessings from France


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