What I Wear-Habitual Matchy Girl!

I'm Wearing: Jacket-Forever 21 ($8?), Shirt-Forever 21 ($2), Skirt-Thrifted ($3.99) ($20) Necklace-Forever 21 ($? two or three years ago!) Tights-Claires($4)
I have to admit, these yellow tights should be classified under "bad purchases". While I think they work well with this shirt, I'm not really sure why I got yellow! I don't have hardly any yellow in my closet (I just recently purchased this shirt from Forever 21). I suppose it will remain a mystery! 

I waffled back and forth between wearing this shrug (which I wore last post) or wearing my faux leather military jacket. But I felt like the leather with the combat style boots looked too edgy/goth so I went ahead and wore this jacket again. The white lace cami under my shirt helps pull together the white skirt. I have to admit, I'm a habitual matchy. A matchy is someone who, though she loves it on other people, can't seem to pull off pattern mixing! My clothes have to coincide in some way (like this outfit) otherwise it doesn't look right to me! I admire pattern mixers so much, it just doesn't come easy to me. I suppose one day I'll try it-maybe tomorrow...? 

What is one trend you wish you could pull off, but can't bring yourself to?


  1. I love, love love love this outfit ! It's really awesome on you ! It makes you look brighter and this white skirt is a good balande with the yellow...Seriously, you look gorgeous !
    And I think we can start a club of habitual matchy...There's a lot of outfit I can't seem to bring myself to wear because the colors just don't seem to get along so well...Anyways, I'll be trying to push myself in that direction and I'd love to practive pattern mixing !
    Have a blessed weekend

  2. Those yellow tights are awesome! I love that color. I have a pair just like those and I like to wear them with colors like navy blue and red. Try mix and matching with other colors and see if it works! It definitely worked in this outfit! :)




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