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Rachel had this awesome post up, I thought I'd be a copycat and do a similar post! I know quite a few new people have started following my blog, so this is probably a good time to do this!

I'm the kind of Natasha who...
  1. Taught herself bass guitar, acoustic guitar and piano.
  2. Might have tendencies towards perfectionism.
  3. Draws realistic portraits from photographs.
  4. Organizes her wardrobe by color.
  5. Flies through sizable books in a few short days.
  6. Can't follow instructions to save her life.
  7. Will jump up during a conversation to Google the definition or pronunciation of a word. 
  8. Laughs at herself before anyone else can.
  9. Enjoys exercise (seriously).
  10. Loves kids.
  11. Could eat pizza and ice cream all day, every day...speaking of which...
  12. Also loves fruits and vegetables (also frequently craves tomatoes..).
  13. Loves watching Doctor Who, but hates Sci-fi movies!
  14. Favorite blogs are: Olivia's, Callie's, Ashley'sRachel's And Elaine's
Now it's your turn! Tell me what kind of ____ (insert name) you are!


  1. Such a pretty outfit, Natasha!!! Love this!

    What a cute idea... I may have to do this too. By the way, thank you for listing me as one of your favorite blogs! :-)

    God bless!

    1. Thanks Rachel! And you're so welcome!

  2. Aaaah! You're boots are AWESOME!!! I love them!
    This is a really neat idea. =) I may have to copy you on my blog. =) Thank you for including me as one of your favorite blogs. It really blessed me - you should know that your blog is one of my favorites too! =)

    1. I LOVE my boots-not bad for $10!
      And your welcome to copy me! Copying is the most sincere form of flattery!
      Glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. I wrote a post about it here.

    Olivia's blog is my absolute favourite, as well!

  4. Your jacket is so cute!! I can't quite understand loving to exercise, but I sure do love fruits and veggies! And pizza is pretty much the only "fast food" that I'll eat! That stuff is good!

    1. LOL! Yeah, most people don't understand my love of exercise! :)

      I'm actually having homemade pizza tonight-mmm...I'm hungry! :)

  5. What a cute outfit! You're so talented! I'm proud of you for teaching yourself guitar. I tried to teach myself guitar one time and quit the next day after my fingers started hurting. haha.

    love the blog :)

  6. I'm a sucker for mocs! Newest follower!

    :) :)

  7. I'm the kind of Larissa who is really happy you came by and left a comment. :) What church is your dad a pastor of? So nice to meet a fellow preacher's kid. :)

  8. That necklace is so beautiful.

  9. Loving this look! You are too cute girl!
    xo TJ


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