To The Singles...Happy Valentines Day!

To My Beloved By Natasha Atkerson
Do you even know how much you mean to Me?
How much I love you?
How I long for you to come to Me?

My heart yearns for you to surrender yourself!
If you would but trust me, true love will come. 
You've tried your way to find love, what about Mine?

Your hand is soiled with ink, mistakes smudged, yet still present. 
I take my time writing love stories, but it's worth it!
Each love story is unique, yet beautiful.
If I was to reveal your love story, you wouldn't believe Me!

Stop looking for love, it's all around you!
Family, friends and your loving Savior.

Even the love story I've written for you and your man can't compare to ours.
I suffered humiliation for you, insults and beatings.
Hammers drove nails in My palms as tears streamed down My face. 
But did I ever regret My choice?

Each moment I hung there, my thoughts never wavered.
You were my last thoughts, my first thoughts when I rose from my grave. 
Your complete love and devotion is all I seek. 
John 3:16

Ladies, on this holiday to show love, remember-God loves you so much! Earthly romance is but a vague, dim reflection of our Heavenly romance with Jesus. No earthly relationship can ever fill that void in your life, only Jesus can! 
Still, God knows our desire for an earthly relationship-He created you and instilled this desire. He knows your every desire and hope and wants to fulfill them! But for one reason or another, maybe you're not ready to be married yet. 

Maybe you need to work on your relationship with your Savior before He can bring someone into your life. Maybe you're not mature enough. Maybe you've made an earthly relationship too important, putting it above Christ. Maybe your future spouse isn't mature enough yet. Maybe he needs to grow too. And maybe, just maybe, God knows what He's doing. 

If you're to be married, He WILL bring Mr. Right into your life at the right time and perfect place. Trust Him,  your love story, in it's own unique way, it will better than Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! Who wants a cookie cutter romance anyway? ; ) Just be patient girl, he's out there. Happy Valentines Day! Check out this awesome story of God's provision (and a true love story!)

PS: thought I'd include pictures of the valentines cookies I made for each family member. Just chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. 


  1. Yum!! Those cookies look so good!!

  2. I totally agree with you! God is still preparing us to be the best for him :) Let us pray and wait! :)

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