What I Wear-Sunday Morning Wardrobe Woes

Olivia was talking about her "Sunday outfit woes" last week, which got me to thinking about mine. As I told her in a comment, I'm constantly having Sunday morning wardrobe malfunctions! I think it's the combination of realizing in the back of my mind that I have only a short time to pick out my outfit, brush my hair, teeth, wash my face, get my shoes on, eat breakfast, grab my bass guitar and head out the door! I actually get so frustrated some Sundays that I overheat, which only makes matters worse! We won't even discuss what my closet looks like afterward...

I completely forgot what I used to do when I was little-pick out my clothes the night before! Oh my, it made my life so much easier Sunday morning! I centered my outfit around this head-wrap actually! I got it for Christmas from my parents, I was a bit hesitant to wear it! I wasn't quite sure how to put my hair. I tried a bun, but it looked a bit too "1930's housecleaning outfit". Down completely looked horrible, so I opted for a 1980's style high ponytail (can't help it, we've been watching re-runs of Full House!). I couldn't find a hairband that matched my outfit, So I just took a small chunk of my hair and wrapped it around the hairband, covering it, then bobby pinned it under my ponytail. 

What are your tips for making Sunday morning dressing easier? Do you have Sunday morning wardrobe woes? 


  1. You are not alone in this Sunday-morning-woes issue! I usually try to pick out my outfit the day before, as I also have lots of other things to think about like Sunday music and such. Plus, when I'm in a rush and it is early in the morning, I'm not very good with decision making! ;-)

    Love this outfit! Very pretty!

    God bless!

  2. You play the bass guitar?! You must be really good!! Love your outfit by the way! :)

  3. Such a cute outfit! I would totally wear something like that!

  4. I definitely have "Sunday morning wardrobe woes"!! One of my favorite little tricks is showering the night before. That makes my routine shorter therefore giving me more time for wardrobe malfunctions. I also like to have a general idea of what I am going to wear. I don't actually lay it out though, I just keep the thought in the back of my mind. If that morning I wake up and put on the outfit I planned and I don't really like it, I don't stress. I just start looking through my clothes and I usually think of different looks I've seen on Pinterest, your blog, Olivia's blog, etc. that I could recreate or use the color scheme, texture,etc. Wow! That was a lot of info I just gave! lol I love your blog. You are so pretty and you have some amazing hair!! This outfit is so cute! <3

  5. Cute! I love the color combination!

    Ooh yes...I know the feeling of trying to pick out an outfit last minute for church! I try to get outfits ready the night before, but sometimes I won't have time, or I'll decide that the outfit I thought was so cute the night before is absolutely hideous, and thus begins the mad rush for something passable... :P my new thing is trying to get my outfit ready before bedtime so that I can put more thought into it and be sure that I actually like it.(: I tried it this past Saturday, and ended up being ready for church EARLY! I even had time to eat breakfast before leaving.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. so cute!

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  7. so cute!

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  8. I actually think it would be fun to wear the headband with a bun and rock the retro housewife doing housecleaning look for a bit....though probably not on Sunday for church. I got in the habit long ago of picking out my clothes the night before and hanging the hangers on the door of my dresser before I go to bed so that I can get ready quickly in the morning.

  9. I love your skirt! :-) I usually try to pick out my outfit the night before, especially with a baby now it's difficult to get everything together in the morning! Lol.


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