What I Wear-Striped Dress And Lace Vest

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Dress-Rue 21 $8.00//Lace Vest-Maurices $5//Jeans-JcPenney $10//Boots-Vanity $10

I went for a sort of hippie look today-comfortable, modest and cute. This lace vest always seems to bring a certain amount of boho chic to pretty much any outfit. Add in the fringed boots and you have a quirky boho chic outfit. 

So I have a question, I've read in several places online that hourglass shaped bodies look best with skinny belts. I've never found this to be true! Wider belts have always looked better to me versus skinny belts. Any thoughts?


  1. For me personally - I don't think skinny belts are best - They tend to get lost in the curve between my waist and my hip. But, wider belts tend to exaggerate the narrowness of my waist versus my ribcage and my hips. So I just avoid them all together! I think it depends on weight and height, to be honest.

  2. What a pretty vest.

    Skinny belts are probably considered best for hour glass shapes because they tend draw the eye to the slimmest part of the waist, but I usually prefer wide belts as well.

    love, Celia

  3. From what I've seen, wide belts tend to give a more slimming effect. I typically go with skinny belts, though, because I'm not particularly hourglass myself. Plus, I'm also kind of short. ;) Anywho, you look fantastic! I really like the whole sweater-belt-lace vest combo. :D


  4. Yeah, I'm a curvy hourglass shape, and I like wide belts too. I think it's because they hold themselves in place and prevent the fabric underneath from looking bunchy and unflattering. Also, for some odd reason, the wider a belt, the wider it makes your waist or hips or whatever part of the body you're wearing it on look. So if I wear a thick belt at my waist, it evens out the proportions and my hips and don't look so huge. :) That might be more than you were asking for, but that's my theory.
    Cute outfit btw. I like stripes and lace together.

  5. I definitely agree with you about wider belts versus skinny belts! I have bigger hips than most girls my age, so I have to wear my belts at my natural waist, and wider belts seem to cinch better, where as skinnier belts seem to slide up, to where they are right under my chest. It looks really bad needless to say! That, and I have developed a strong love for skirts with belt loops! They keep belts from sliding up, so well! I'm so glad you asked this question, because I honestly felt kind of alone in this until now! Blessings to you Natasha!

  6. It depends more on your size rather than shape, ie skinnier women tend to look better with big, and bigger women, skinny belts. however, I remember reading you said you had a wide waist (in a poem I believe) so I think you may not be hourglass. I won't ask your measurements (and clearly, you dress pretty modestly so it's hard to see your figure) but I would guess you are a "banana" type, or possibly guitar-shaped (you know, wider on bottom, smaller on top proportionately). However, I always preferred the word column shaped. Banana confuses me... it's like, does that mean you're a hunchback? Hahaha.

    I actually did a post on this a lonnnng time ago.

    Take care!

  7. Ruthven,
    Thanks for your comment! Strange, I don't remember that poem...?
    I'm actually fairly sure I'm an hourglass (my bust is actually 1" bigger than my hips) I used to have a 10" difference between my waist, bust and hips, after exercising away about 17" over my whole body I have about a 8-9" difference)
    Have a great Sunday,

  8. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a while now (A year maybe?) and enjoy your posts, but this is the first time I've commented. :)
    As far as the belt, I think it's a matter of how you wear it. In your pics your wearing a wide belt, but low on your waist. If you wear a skinny belt, it needs to be at your natural/high waistline to balance your frame. I kinda have the same problem since my hips are larger than bustline. :)


  9. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love this outfit! The wider belt looks really nice on you.

    God bless!

  10. Really cute outfit, Natasha! Everything "goes together" really well. :)
    Have a good week!


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