What I Wear-Thrifted Casual Feminine-Mouthful, Huh!?

I'm Wearing:
Hoodie-Vanity (thrifted $3)
Red Shirt-JcPenney ($5)
Skirt-Attention (thrifted $3)
Moccasion Style Fringed Boots-Vanity ($10)

Today's outfit is more on the casual side. I know a lot of girls use the excuse that "I can't wear skirts, they're just too dressy!" but I personally don't think that's true. Exhibit A-my outfit! A hoodie can easily dress down a skirt and make it casual! The flip side is that it's hard sometimes (not all times) to dress feminine in a hoodie and jeans. So this is the best of both worlds! I picked my hoodie up at Goodwill this weekend in Helena, as well as this brown skirt. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this skirt in the future...a lot. It's so comfortable, fits like a dream and it's brown-what more can I ask for?! 

So I'm very excited, it's supposed to be 59 degrees on Thursday! Spring is here! And in case you're wondering, Spring in Montana can be defined as: snow one day, 50 deg. the next and rain and sunshine mixed in somewhere! Nice to have a change of seasons, and wardrobes! ; ) 

I'm also slightly irritated with daylight savings time! My body is having a hard time adjusting, actually I feel like taking a nap right now! However, it will be nice later this Summer when it's light till midnight!

QUESTION: How do you make your skirts casual?


  1. Same here! My sleeping pattern is a wreck! Very well put together outfit! I love it!:))

  2. VERY cute outfit! This look really nice on you (I really like how you did your hair too... it very much flatters the shape of your face). I just love hoodies with skirts. And skirts are NOT too dressy for "normal" days. I wear pants a lot, but I'm wearing a skirt today (even though it's just a stay at home day!) because it's so fun to wear them.

    God bless!

  3. Lol, when I first started wearing skirts more often (on days other than Sundays, that is) I got asked by so many people why I was so "dressed up" when I was just wearing a simple skirt and a t-shirt! Hardly dressed up, haha! I think you're absolutely right--it's easy to dress down skirts and make an outfit more comfortable and casual.

    I love your outfit, by the by! Those boots are adorable!

    Oof, and I agree...isn't daylight savings time awful? I'm still recovering, which is bad, since school started back up yesterday! :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. I've always worn skirts, so no one really asks me "why are you dressed up?" when I'm in a skirt. I guess I look pretty casual because I usually wear a jean skirt and a tee shirt which basically = jeans+tee.

  5. So cute! Where do you get your leggings? I love how you combine leggings with skirts and boots like this.

    1. Leah,
      Thanks for commenting! Let me see...
      The pair I'm wearing in my photos are actually tights! They're super warm-lined with soft fleece inside! I got them on
      My favorite pair of leggings though, I got a couple years back at Claire's often have sales on items, including tights. You can get them pretty much anywhere (now's a great time to look as they're on sale!)
      Hope that answers your question!


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