What I Wear-Um-Does That Match?!

I'm Wearing: Blue Jean Jacket-Vanity $15//Yellow Shirt-Forever 21 $4//Brown Skirt-Thrifted $3//Tights-Claire's $5// $?

You're gonna be polite and pretend my tights and shirt are the same yellow-okay?! Seriously, has anyone else noticed that tights are always a shade off from normal colors?! My pinks are off, my blues are off-ever so slightly-stinkers...
I told you'd be seeing this skirt again soon-the very next post in fact! ; ) 

The weather was beyond lovely later this afternoon-the jacket actually came off! I'm definitely pleased with the purchase of this blue jean jacket at Vanity! At the time I was pretty sure I'd wear it often, but I've thought that before, when it wasn't true! It's an incredibly versatile piece! I actually have to keep myself from wearing it everyday, it goes with simply everything! 
 I also should mention that I'm still loving these glasses Firmoo sent me to review! I've worn them a ton and their awesome!  
QUESTION: What item in your closet is the most versatile?


  1. I <3 colored tights! Cool outfit! :)

  2. Your skirt is really awesome. =) My brown skirt is one of my most worn skirts too. =)
    you look nice today Natasha. =)


  3. One of my most versatile denim jacket from Express.

  4. My long jean skirt is the most versatile. I wore it camping but I can also "dress it up" with nicer shoes and jewelry. I really like the brown skirt you are wearing. That is also a very versatile item.

  5. Loving the yellow tights! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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