What I Wear-Floral Shirt And Blue Jean Skirt

I'm wearing yet another casual skirt outfit! Blue jean skirts are definitely a must, just like your favorite pair of blue jean pants! I pulled out my Summery floral and brown shirt-which I haven't worn since Summer 2012! You can see how I styled it last time HERE. It's nice as the weather changes to be able to basically have "new" clothes! Long sleeves are set aside for short sleeves and Summery skirts. 

So I've been pushing my mom towards "eating clean." My mom and I have been reading some books and trying to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. We found an awesome resource for eating better on a budget, it's called Bountiful Baskets! It's basically a food co-op, we were so excited to find it in our area! I encourage you to check and see if your state/city is doing it-it's awesome! Basically, they buy in season items based on how many people sign up. You never know what goodies might be hiding in your basket! That being said-

Care to share your favorite healthy meal? Any tips on eating healthier?


  1. Very pretty outfit! I really like it. I just love switching out my seasonal clothes too! It isn' quite warm enough here for short sleeves yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to when it is!

    I use to help me stay accountable each day when it comes to eating. It is an incredible help!


  2. Wow! How long have you been eating healthy? Are you working out? You look SO skinny!

  3. Cute! And, that's great you're trying to go the healthy route with foods. I actually have a weekly post called FabHealthFriday wherein I post health/fitness/natural home remedy related things. You might find it beneficial. :)

  4. Your hair looks exceptionally gorgeous today. =)

  5. This outfit is just my style! I really like the shoes; it can be hard to pair shoes with long skirts when you don't want to be too dressed up. Healthy eating is really difficult. My husband had never eaten a whole list of vegetables when we got married. I have gotten him to try quite a few now, but getting more fruit and vegetables in is an area I really need help with.

  6. Very cool outfit!! Love the shirt!

    I like to count calories, and try to find the lowest in everything i eat :)

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  8. that's a very pretty outfit! I especially love that skirt. Since I live in Texas, wearing short sleeves is pretty much something you can do on and off all year. I wish it were cooler where I lived, as I love cold weather.

    Now, as for eating healthy: beans, rice, and vegetables, are a large part of our diet--which is great since they're inexpensive and delicious. We do also eat lean meats and very rarely eat processed/convenience food.

  9. Before I found your blog, I rather thought our Muslim sisters had a monopoly on attractive, modest fashions--obviously not. Your style is just what my sisters and I would happily choose (if we had the knack.)

    Keep up the good work--you are an encouragement to other young ladies who are struggling to find a balance between modesty and attractiveness.

    1. I have found some great fashion bloggers like her. I really like Fresh Modesty ( I also have a blog that I post outfits on ( if you'd like to check those out, I'm sure you'd love them!

  10. Switching out clothes each season is so much fun. It's great having a "new" wardrobe. Right now I have ALL my clothes in my closet because the weather's been so weird here. As you can see on my blog (, one day I'm in a tee shirt and the next long sleeves & a jacket!
    This outfit is so cute and your hair is really pretty.

  11. Ah, my husband and I have been eating mostly fresh and organic food. Actually, mostly him. He's on a strict diet, because the doctors really can't figure out what's wrong with him. I do believe that you are what you eat, and if you don't eat right, it's going to eventually show up in some ugly form. Most doctors aren't trained about nutrition, so when it comes to unexplained health issues... it's probably 95% your diet that needs to be changed.

    The organic and fresh food though is taking a toll on our budget, but thank God He still provides. It's been truly a miracle.

    I think I need to get a jean skirt like that! Whenever I go to thrift stores, the skirts just aren't long enough. Mid calf is the longest I've seen of a jean skirt.

  12. Your hair is so beautiful!

    I have also been trying to eat healthier. Check out - She shares some pretty great recipes!

  13. Your floral top is so cute!! I've also been trying to eat clean as well!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  14. i love that you are looking forward to a healthier lifestyle and diet - i need to get back to that and put my body on the right track too <3

    would you like to follow each other?

  15. nice skirt!

    if you want to eat "healthier", you have to find out what "unhealthy" meant in your normal diet. so: how do you normally eat? what are the points that might be improved?

    i just have the feeling that "eating healthier" is quite an issue in the us - but according to my experience that means something quite different than here in europe. :) i think the key to eating healthy is cooking yourself, only having meat dishes about twice a week. pasta, rice, veggies, salads (top them with nuts and make the dressing yourself) and legumes can fill that place. and instead of ice cream, have a fruit salad or a self-made joghurt cream as dessert! then, eating gets somewhat cheaper than a meat-based diet and precooked food. and you won't need any paleo, vegan, gluten-free (if you're not a celiac or have major problems with your digestion, that is nonsense anyway) or what not diet to feel good. if you want some menu-planning advice, just contact me. i am quite a seasoned cook. ;)

    - sorry for this outburst. food is just one of my passions. ;) -

  16. Love that skirt, denim is always a good idea. :-)

    I think it's better to focus on having a healthy lifestyle than dieting, because its more helpful in the long run! I just try to cut out all processed junk and stick to things made from scratch, load up on fresh fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, and eat balanced!! Trade in white grains for whole grain, try limiting sugar and using honey instead, raw milk and fresh eggs vs store bought...etc. In Romania we don't have GMO it is illegal, and most of the produce/meat/dairy etc is made in the area and grown fairly organic so that makes it a lot easier!!


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