What I Wear-Boho Chic

I'm Wearing:
Blue jean jacket-Vanity $15
Floral print skirt worn as dress-hand me down $0
Blue cotton skirt-Thrifted $3
Boots-Vanity $10

Firstly, I apologize for my absence! I've had a nasty cold (or allergies) or something for the past week! I'm just now feeling well enough to get dressed! ;) I've pretty much been living in my PJs, which don't make for very nice outfit posts! For whatever reason, this year the colds/flu/allergies have been knocking me out pretty good! I seriously just felt well enough yesterday to clean out my car and exercise! Yes, I took off exercising for 7 days! Pretty insane for me! As some of you may know, I've made exercise a non-negotiable part of my life, but flip side, it's hard not to be able to do it for that long! 

I went for a sort of "boho chic" look here! I started with the dress/skirt (a skirt which has been passed around our house, finally landing in my closet as a dress!). It was too short to wear by itself, so I added another skirt underneath for length. I thought about wearing my white skirt, but it didn't look right. I'm not particularly pleased with the hemline of the blue skirt, it's incredibly odd! But the color went well-you can't have everything! 

I paired the floral dress and blue skirt with my blue jean jacket, trusty faux leather moccasins, tan beret and blingy necklace. I also added a belt to the ensemble to pull everything together. Without the belt, the outfit was too bulky and "free" looking.
I should also mention that this is the first time this that I went...*drum roll please*-barelegged! YES! It's starting to be that time of year already-that time of year when I realize how pale my legs have gotten over the Winter! ;)

Have you gone "barelegged" yet? 


  1. Very, very pretty! Love it!!! This is a very nice style on you too.

    Actually, I don't wear tights unless I have to, so yes, I've been going bare-legged! ;-)


  2. Great to see you back!!! Great boho outfit!! :D

  3. She looks so cute and stylish in those photos and your outfit is so incredible, i adore it..:)
    Fashion Online

  4. I LOVE this outfit!

  5. CUTE! love this bohemian look :) You wear it really well...

    I can't wait to go bare-legged soon.. maybe I'll wait a few more weeks until it hits above 20 degrees at least :)



  6. This is really cute. I'm almost always "bare-legged" since it's never that cold here. I'd actually like to be able to wear tights more! But don't be worried about being pale. God made you just right and skin cancer is a real danger. I have known way too many people who have lost their lives due to skin cancer, for real. I love this outfit!

  7. Love this Boho look!! That hat and those shoes are awesome. I also have a pair of those boots except they are in black.


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