What I Wear-Missoula And Force

Inside my head is scary. Seriously. Last night I was thinking about how our relationship with God is sort of like those kid's balls that have the shapes on them and you match up the little plastic shape with the one on the ball and then shove it through. Eventually after you've matched them all up and gotten them inside, you twist it apart and spill them all over the floor for another round of fun. 

Most of us as children were nice, compliant children, we put the round toy in the round hole, triangle in the triangle hole and so on and so forth. But then, there were the rebels! The kids who forced the triangle through the circle hole. 

I then got to thinking about how we're sometimes like that in our relationship with the Lord. God has a perfect plan, a ball with empty shape holes, if you will. For the most part, we follow His perfect plan, but sometimes we fail. And we fail miserably! We get frustrated waiting on Him and start shoving the triangle into the circle hole. So my point in all of this toy nonsense, you ask? Wait on God, there's a time and a season for everything! Don't start shoving triangles into circle holes! Whatever you're waiting on, there is the perfect plan, the circle for the circle hole. 

Anyway, totally off topic, sorry I haven't posted in a bit! My family and I were able to take a short weekend trip over to Missoula! My dad had something he had to do for our family business and the rest of the family came along for a nice weekend of shopping! We had a ton of fun, although we're all tired now. Why is it we have to relax after being on a vacation?!

 Among other things, I picked up this dress from the Dillard's Junior department and the blue jean vest from Target. I almost didn't buy this dress because it had a black bowtie-yes you read that right! However, it was just a pin on bow tie! It was seriously hideous with the bow tie! 

I'm Wearing:
Hat-Kmart $5
Scarf-Claire's $2
Dress-Dillards- $11
Sleeves-C/O Halftee
Tights-Sears $7
Boots-Go Jane $?

How Was Your Weekend?


  1. This outfit is really cute! Love your toy analogy. ;)

  2. Love the outfit!!!! :) my weekend was pretty good, bought some new horse stuff for a great price, went to church and heard two wonderful sermons, but it rained all weekend-I'm happy to see the sun out! :)
    Kalin from

  3. Cute!

  4. I love how you combine colors so well!!

  5. My wife will be shopping for a mother of the groom dress next week in Missoula. Any store suggestions?


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