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I've asked Callie of Creations By Callie to do an interview for you, my lovely readers! Callie is pretty new to fashion blogging, having just started last year. She's a lovely, Christian, Pastor's daughter, modest fashionista who also happens to knit and crochet products she sells on her website! After reading the interview, I encourage you to hop on over to her fashion blog and check it out! 

Natasha: Thanks for doing this interview with my readers and I! First off, please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us a little about yourself!

Callie: Hey y’all! I’m a young lady from the good ol’ state of Texas.  I love Jesus with all of my heart and I’m striving to serve Him in every way possible.  I taught myself to knit over six years ago and I haven’t stopped since! It’s since turned from a cute hobby, into a passion, into my own business.  Crocheting is also a hobby of mine, but I’m not as passionate about that.  =) Currently I’m pursuing a writing career with the goal of becoming a published children’s author.

Natasha: How did you first get interested in modest fashion?

Callie:  I became interested in modest fashion several years ago when I first started buying the majority of my own clothes with my own money.  I found that I loved thrift shopping (which opened up a wide variety of clothing brands and styles at costs I could afford!) and experimenting with colors/trends. 

Natasha: What/who inspired you to start fashion blogging?

Callie: At first I started my website as an online shop for my knitted/crocheted garments and accessories.  Then I added the blog section.  Originally I wasn’t planning on it being a fashion blog, but a lifestyle blog.  My first outfit post was an outfit I wore for the VBS skit character I was portraying.  The more I experimented with fashion, the more I found that I truly enjoyed documenting my outfits and posting them on my blog.  Some blogs that have inspired me in my fashion journey are Bramblewood Fashion, What I Wore, Fresh Modesty, Someone Like You, and of course, your blog. =) 

Natasha: Any advice to my readers about dressing modestly AND fashionably?

Callie: Here’s the advice I’d give my sisters about dressing modestly and fashionably.  Seek the Lord.  Inquire of Him what your modesty guidelines are.  Modesty isn’t a set of do’s and don’ts; it’s the condition of your heart.  Everyone will have different modesty standards.  So seek the Lord and find out what YOUR standard is.  Second Corinthians 10:12 says, “We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.”  We should not compare our standards with other people’s standards.  Be wise and compare yourself to God, and make looking like Him your ultimate goal.  Once you have your modesty standards down, dressing fashionably isn’t such a problem. 

Also, don’t throw something out the window because it looks immodest.  One time I bought a little navy, lace sundress from the thrift store and the top portion was incredibly revealing (not to mention it was quite short).  However, it had an elastic waistband so I simply refashioned it into a skirt by cutting off the top right above the elastic.  Now I have a cute, modest skirt.  Lots of things can appear immodest at first; you just have to look at them with new eyes.  =)

Natasha:  If your parents taught you about modesty, did you ever rebel?

Callie: I can’t say that I’ve ever rebelled against my parent’s standards, but I haven’t always stuck to them.  As I’ve gotten older, my views have changed and I’ve developed my own style. 

Natasha: Where's your favorite place to shop for clothes?

gfence12Callie:  I love thrift shopping! There are two local thrift stores that I frequent, visiting them at least once every week.  I also love shopping at Plato’s Closet, which is a chain thrift store.  Around 90% of my clothes are thrifted (and probably 75% of those thrifted items have cost me less than a dollar!).  This has really helped expand my wardrobe and helped me shop on a budget.  I also love shopping in stores around the end of the season.  Some favorites are Kohls, Forever 21, Old Navy, and Target.

 Natasha: How long have you been a Christian for?

Callie: I’ll have been a Christian for 12 years on July 12th.

Natasha: Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Callie: Mainly Pinterest and other fashion blogs.  However, occasionally I’ll find inspiration from a clothing catalogue or movie.

 Natasha: What's your favorite form of exercise?

Callie: Running sprints!  I use Dr. Mercola’s Sprint 8 running routine and try to run 2-3 times a week.  It’s done wonders for my endurance and overall fitness.  I highly recommend it!!

Natasha: Favorite natural beauty treatment?

Callie:  Hmmm, good question.  I love sugar or salt scrubs, but I don’t use them as much as I’d like to!

 Natasha: How do you keep your wardrobe "in style" without breaking the bank?
Callie:  By continually thrifting and end of season shopping.  In order for it to be productive, going thrift shopping should take place regularly – around once a week.  At the beginning of each season I do a little research on what is considered “trendy” and “in style”.  Then when I’m shopping at thrift stores I’m able to keep my eyes open for a particular piece, color, or style.  End of season shopping is also really helpful because some styles stay the same for multiple seasons.  Colored/patterned jeans have been trending for a while now, and I’ve been able to get cute, colored pants at a fraction of the cost because I shopped during the end season sales.

Natasha: If you could tell every girl on the planet one thing, what would it be?

balloons6Callie:  I would tell them that even though clothes and fashions are enjoyable, they can only satisfy us so much.  The only thing that can truly satisfy us is not a thing at all, but a Person.  His name is Jesus, and having a strong relationship with Him is the only worthwhile thing that we can ever have.  Fashion, jobs, money, friends – all of these things come and go; but God tells us in His Word, the Bible, that He will never leave us nor forsake us.  So while it’s fun to keep up with fashion and dress stylishly, only one thing will matter in the end.  And that’s not whether we always wore the latest fashions, but whether we have Jesus Christ in our heart as our personal Lord and Savior. 

Natasha: Anything else you'd like to add?

Callie:  I’d like to tell you a little story.  There was once a girl who enjoyed watching fashion videos on YouTube.  One day while watching one, she heard God whisper in her heart “If you continue to watch these videos, your relationship with me will be in great jeopardy.”

This kind of took her by surprise. She paused the video and sat back, reviewing the past few weeks in her mind.  She already knew the reason.  These videos were taking the place of God in her life.  Even though she wasn’t watching them all the time, she was thinking about them all the time.  She was becoming more and more concerned with how she looked. Right then, this girl knew what she had to do. But her flesh screamed, “NO!”

eeh1In the end, she stopped watching fashion related videos for over a year.  And only when she felt that the Lord released her to did she begin watching some again.  In that year her relationship with God became stronger and she grew more confident in God’s Word said about.  Fashion was no longer an idol to her.

Today she still occasionally watches fashion related videos on YouTube.  She even has her own fashion blog.  But because of this one encounter, she’s careful not to let fashion become an idol in her life.  She loves fashion, clothes, and shopping as much as any other girl.  But not more than Jesus.

I hope that each of you would learn from this girl’s mistake and not allow fashion to become an idol in your life.  Fashion is fun and is a useful tool.  But it’s not the most important thing in life.  The most important thing is your relationship with Jesus.

Thank you, Natasha, for interviewing me!  It’s been a blast!
Thanks, Callie! I enjoyed reading your answers! 
Stop by Callie's blog:


  1. So sweet. Great interview :) we are doing a giveaway over at my Christian fashion blog :)


    Thanks for the great posts Natasha! I always read :)

  2. Thanks again for interviewing me, Natasha. =) You picked some great pictures. =)


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