Sunway Modest Swimwear Review!

Sunway was nice enough to send me a modest swim top  Ladies, this swim top rocks! I wasn't sure about posting photos of a swimsuit on my blog, but this is no ordinary swim top p! It's tight enough it fits well, but not so tight I felt uncomfortable in it! I paired it with a different skirt from somewhere else. They do however sell some lovely modest swimwear! They sell swim pants, skirts and such. If you've been on the lookout for a modest swimsuit-look no more! As always, I promise that I'm giving you my honest opinion of this item! I'm not getting anything extra to be nice about this swim top  It really is very cute and flattering! The great thing is they also have larger sizes! The only thing I would change is that it could be a bit longer-but I have a pretty long torso. 

They have various options for modest swimwear ranging from rashguards (this top) to even swimsuits that have head coverings. Depending on how modest you're looking for this top could easily be more modest, or less modest. You could it pair it with their knee length skirt and leggings, or a short swim skirt, just depends on what you're looking for!  

Sunway UV clothing also protects you from the sun! 
Go HERE to buy this top! 


  1. The top is so cute! I've been wearing a camo tankini from Target, I believe, that is actually really modest and nice, but the neckline lowers when you get in the water and makes it less modest.. :P I really like this one!
    Kalin from

  2. This is nice because when you get out of the water you are wearing an outfit you can actually do things in. So it would be great for a picnic or swimming at a hiking area or boating. I really like it, but I would want a color because I don't look that good in black.

  3. Wow, I love the top. It looks so cute and modest!

  4. At first I thought it was a dress, but then I look closely the material and I realized my mistake. I like it.

    Usually I wear a tankini, because I feel comfortable with it.

  5. we also manufacture UV protective modest swimwear

  6. I was interviewed on the modest swimwear / Burkini issue:


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