What I Wear-Train Background And Shy Or Outgoing?

 Cassia asked a very interesting, and apparently hard, question! "Are you outgoing/talkative, or shy/quiet?" 

 My natural personality is introverted. Yet, I'm pretty talkative. I have to be talking to the right person, and yes, I've created a conversation on very dumb things! I've left conversations before thinking-how on earth did I just have a conversation about that for a half hour?! Being a pastor's daughter has really shaped me! It was only recently I realized how important it was to make new people at church feel comfortable. Last year in Spokane we visited a church for just that Sunday and I remember how uncomfortable I felt! I know as I've gotten older I've become better at making conversations with people I've just met. When I was younger I was pretty shy-but only till I got to know you. Now I've pushed myself to the point that I'm usually pretty outgoing!  

To me, being introverted has more to do with not sharing all my feelings right off the bat and being fairly guarded that way. But I also know when to shut up! So I guess my answer is: I'm outgoing/talkative! =)

How about you? Talkative and outgoing? Or shy and quiet?


  1. Very cute outfit and I'm very much like you... talkative/outgoing, yet not sharing all of my feelings with just anyone. :-) We pastor's daughters DO definitely share similarities at times, eh?!


  2. I'm pretty outgoing, and love to talk. I do know when to keep quiet though, except when I am angry. Haven't learned that yet!
    Beautiful outfit - love the scarf! Where'd you get it?


  3. I would say more on the shy side. I am from Spokane (born, raised, still here); I am sorry you were uncomfortable but hope it was just due to different surroundings!

    Blessings and thank you for sharing :~)


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