What I Wear-Struggle And 30 For 30 Remix Challenge Day: 4

I'm Wearing: 
Plaid Shirt-Aeropostale
Jean Jacket-Vanity
Boots-Forever 21

I've been realizing lately how dividing loneliness is. I never thought about it until recently! When we think we're the only ones who have to deal with "such and such" we begin to have a pity party and think we're all alone. We complain to God because of a particular struggle in our lives, when in reality it make us stronger. I'm also finding that we're very, very, very rarely the only one who is going through whatever we're dealing with. 

This can be applied to any aspect of our lives, but modesty is one of those areas that people think they're all alone. "I'm the only one that has to dress modestly." "I'm the only one who's mom makes her wear skirts on Sundays!" The list could go on and on! But the bottom line is, you're not alone! If nothing else, your Heavenly Father went through far more than we will most likely go through on this earth. So whatever you're dealing with today, whatever struggle you're having-you are not alone! 

I was also thinking that I would really love to help anyone out who has any questions about dressing modestly, God, or whatever! Never hesitate to ask! I promise, I don't bite! LOL! 


  1. I love your boots. And not to be mean...but I'm feeling a little bit happier about my own non-spring when I see melting snow in the background of your pictures. Like you said, I'm not alone in experiencing not-very spring like weather! ;)

  2. Very pretty outfit and very good post. Thank you for sharing and thank you also for your sweet comment. I too struggle with loneliness since God hasn't seen fit to place a close friend in my life "in person" right now (though He has blessed me with several sweet friends online). Again, that whole "you're not alone" thing.


  3. Love your skirt! I have a grey one similar. :) :)
    I myself used to throw myself great pity parties, especially because of the way my mother made me dress on Sunday/Wednesdays. I HATED wearing dresses!!!! I've always been a girl who'd rather wear camo, boots and mud than a dress and heels, but as I've gotten older, while I still LOVE my boots, I've realized that femininity is a blessing, NOT a curse!! Half the time, I'm still wearing camo, but I make sure I'm not dressing manly or anything. Funny how a girl who wanted to wear basketball shorts and etc all the time went to a girl who runs a fashion blog, I never would've thought my future would hold that! Lol! And now, I still throw myself those parties because of my father. "I'm the only one who has to deal with junk like this." and etc, then I realized how selfish and awful I was being. My earthly father may not be doing a good job, but my Heavenly Father is always there!
    Kalin from

  4. Good post. I wish I'd known there were modest fashion bloggers like you when I was in junior high and high school. It would have helped me a lot.

  5. Love this post! I'm guilty of often having a pity party for myself, which leads to trying to fix the problem myself rather than going to God with my issues. Such a good reminder that there are others going through what you are and that your not alone!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!
    James 4:8

  6. I love this skirt! Very cute outfit!

  7. i love the pleated skirt! so beautiful, natasha!


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