What I Wear-Blue Jean Vest AGAIN And Garlic Salt Ice Cream-?

It's quite possible that you lovely modest fashion enthusiasts are sick to death of seeing this vest! Honestly, it's so easy to wear and super versatile! I find myself continually reaching for it every time I'm in my closet! The weather is starting to get a bit on the warm side (80 deg!) now starts my"heat fashion stall." I've gone through it nearly every year! The weather warms up, and all of a sudden, I'm dying from the heat and just don't feel like wearing a cute outfit, I'd rather wear shorts and a tee shirt. So this year, I'm going to try really, really, really hard to push past it and resist the urge to stop taking an effort in how I dress! ; ) 

Today was a pretty busy day for me (thus why I'm posting at 9:30PM!) we had some things to do in town, didn't get back home until 5:30, so Dinner was a little rushed! I've found a new love for the BBQ! I grilled some chicken breasts, even had those awesome black lines on them! Anyone who has eaten something I've cooked knows two things: 1.-I love hot stuff, so if you have an issue with hot stuff, don't eat my food! LOL! I put hot sauce on everything and eat Jalapenos with my pizza. 2. I put garlic salt in everything (well, you know...virtually everything....not like ice cream...that's gross! Grilled Cheese sandwiches  Um, yes! That's not gross...LOL!) I also crammed in homemade ice cream! YUM! We use a recipe that was actually my Great Grandma's! It's awesome and totally delicious.What makes it different? Lemon extract-I could eat that ice cream ALLLL day long! =)

What ingredient do you always/most of the time add to your meals?


  1. I think cheese goes with a lot of things! Melted over steamed vegies, all over a spaghetti dinner, in sandwiches and burgers. Everything needs extra cheese to me :)

  2. K, I love that outfit!! Love the colors, and it`s great that your denim vest is so versatile. And I totally get what it`s like to have a piece of clothing that looks great and wear it over and over:)

  3. I love how a lot of your outfits look boho and hippie!! awesome!! :D

  4. Hot sauce + garlic salt... girl after my own heart! Haha :) Nice colors in this outfit!

  5. Looove the colors in this outfit! Thanks for inspiring me, Natasha!

    In His Service,
    Hannah Boyd


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