What I Wear-Sunday Apparel And Fun

This is what I wore to church yesterday! Comfortable, lightweight (it was 70!) and cute all at the same time! This vest can easily cross over into a little too "biker chick" if not carefully worn. Not that there is anything wrong with the biker chick look, in moderation. Pair this vest with a pair of ripped up jeans and a leather hat and you've got yourself an edgy outfit (not really my style). 

However, take the same jean vest and wear it with this feminine white skirt, a casual Hurley tee shirt and you have a cute, feminine Summer outfit! It might be a bit on the casual side for some of you, I know my church is more on the casual side (as far as dressing goes). But definitely an outfit that could be worn for errands or a night out. Why on earth am I only talking about my outfit? Well, ladies...I have a mild case of the Blogger Block Blues! ; ) 

I had a nice Sunday yesterday, after church we had lunch with a family we haven't seen in awhile, stayed talking at the restaurant for at least 2 hours! After lunch, our family headed home and hung out relaxing (translated making another movie with 3 of my siblings!). All in all, a pretty good day-though some might find it boring. =)

How was your Sunday?
I'm Wearing: 
Vest: Target $10
Shirt-Hurley brand, Ross $9
Skirt-JcPenney's $10 $?


  1. Cute, I really like that skirt!
    My family's Sundays are probably more boring than that. . .after church we just relax and play board games for the most part. It's so nice to have that family time, though!

  2. I usually don't mention anything about the modesty of another blogger's outfit, but your standards seem similar to mine generally, and this might be something you just didn't notice due to the lighting when you looked in the mirror, but your skirt is quite sheer- at least in the sunlight (the second pic). Not judgmental in any way, I just thought you might want to know what it looks like from someone else's computer monitor. :)

    1. Emily,
      Thanks for commenting! I most definitely didn't take it as mean criticism!
      I always appreciate a sister in Christ pointing out things like this.

      Since I took photos with the skirt directly in the sunlight, I think that's why it looks so sheer-it's not this sheer any other time! ;) My mom and I decide together what is and is not appropriate attire, I feel this skirt is okay. But I really do appreciate your telling me!

      Thanks for commenting!
      A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. You look like a model for Free People!!! :D

  4. I really like how you styled this outfit. =) The biker chic variation sounds kind of neat too - I might have to try both styles out.


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