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Today is a good day to talk about...vanity. No, not the store! ; ) So I'm sure none of you noticed the huge pimple on my cheek...right? It's invisible to the naked eye....LOL! I threatened to photoshop it out, however my mom challenged me to go ahead and post it. Which I then decided to go a bit more in depth with. The vain side of me says "I don't want everyone on my blog seeing a huge zit on my cheek!" the part that wants to be real and honest says "Stop being a baby and just post the stinkin' pictures!" so here I am, a bit humbled and pimple faced.
 I used to have super bad acne, as I've gotten older it has cleared up pretty well, with only a few occasional hormonal breakouts. I suppose I'm sharing this to let all of you know that if you're struggling with acne-it's okay! Most of us get it at some point in our lives, and the majority (not all) usually clear up with age. I'm blessed with the kind that clears up, obviously I'm not an expert on this, however I thought I'd share a few things that have helped me out:
  1. Keep your hands off your face! Picking at pimples and touching them only make them last longer. 
  2. Keep your face clean. Using abrasive, chemical laden face wash is not the answer! Depending on your skin type, natural products include everything from Honey (which I'm currently using), EVOO, Baking soda paste (diluted, not straight) I also like Kiss My Face products. 
  3. The better you eat, the nicer your skin will look! 
  4. Drink plenty of water, it keeps your skin looking good and also helps to flush out nasty internal things you wouldn't be able to get to otherwise. 
  5. If you can't seem to get rid of a pimple, figure out what may be causing it. I've had a couple times when I realized I wasn't washing my hair enough and also not changing my pillowcase-the pimple was on the exact side I sleep on!
  6. Tea tree oil applied (after dilution) to a pimple helps causes the pimple to puss and heal faster. 
  7. It won't last forever! Hang in there!

 Now I want to know your tips! 

I've also been wondering if anyone else has ever had problems with getting their hair clean? I use all natural Sulfate free shampoo, but lately I can't seem to get my hair clean, it just comes out oily every time I shower! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 


  1. To tell you the truth, Natasha, I did not notice the pimple... I had to look for it. You are so beautiful that it doesn't even matter. Your outfit is really cute. :)


  2. I love the pastelish colors in your outfit! I like lace! I also like the skirt color!

  3. I use to have AWFUL acne, and I started using Avon wash and it helped a lot, very natural. Now I just keep my face clean. :) :) oh, and try John Freida blonde shampoo!! That stuff worked wonders on me. My hair used to stay oily and that stuff made it so much better!
    Kalin from

  4. You are beautiful :) As for getting your hair clean, have you ever tried baking soda? It sounds weird, but it gets your hair so shiny and fluffy!

  5. I also love the spring colors! I rarely had pimples when I was in my teens. Then when I was around 20 I developed terrible acne all of a sudden. It lasted a few years. It was really embarassing. I went to two dermatologist, but the treatments didn't help much. One day at work a woman customer told me I should "do something about my skin." I was so upset, because I'd been trying to fix it for a long time, (and it was actually one of my skin's "better" days) I went home and cried. So I tried a third dermatologist who said I have rosacea. I was a bit young to have that and it was really upsetting, but the treatment is kind of different than for "regular" acne and so it actually worked much better. I still struggle with my skin and sometimes it is hard not to feel vain and want to hide the little problems that pop up. There are so many things that can make us feel self-conscious and that we can't easily fix and it can be easy to forget that our soul is more important than our appearance. Anyway I just wanted to share my experience.

  6. We've been using this --- --- shampoo lately and it has helped our hair immensely. It looks cleaner, and has actually been promoting new hair growth. We stopped using it for a short period, and our hair began to fall out again and get stringy. Got this stuff again and hair is great! No need for conditioner either - in fact, it's good not to use it. I highly recommend the shampoo though!
    Cute outfit :)


  7. I find that zinc supplements can really help with pimples, plus changing your pillow slip every couple of days :)

    Maybe you could try lemon juice with your hair?

  8. My hair is SO oily. One thing that helped me, though, is:
    When you shampoo your hair scrub, scrub, scrub. Scrub like your mad at it. SCRUB!!! Then, rinse it out and repeat the process a second time. After that, apply your conditioner from your ears downward.
    My hair felt so much cleaner after I did this. Also, dry shampoo is really great. I use the Suave dry shampoo.
    This outfit is really cute. I love the pastel colors and the touch of lace. I also love the shoes. So pretty!

  9. I didn't notice your pimple either. I love the colors of your outfit, it's so spring and happy!! :D

  10. Witch Hazel does wonders! Also, I make my face wash with EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil and Castor oil. I know it sounds crazy to put oils on your face, but it actually works really well. You add more olive oil for dry skin and more castor oil for oily skin, and equal parts for normal skin. I've been using it for almost a year and I haven't had a breakout yet. :)

  11. Love your outfit! The colors and everything are simply perfect!

    Haha, to tell the truth, I didn't notice the pimple at all! I had to look hard to finally spot it. :P I used to have really bad acne problems, mostly because I would always pick my pimples and they would become red, raw, and super ugly (I can't stand looking at pictures of myself when I was 14 or 15, because that's all I notice! Ahhh!). Then I forced myself to stop touching my face, washed it regularly, and the pimples, for the most part, went away! Now I only have trouble with my chin, which I've read is mostly caused by hormones, so there's not too much to do about that than just take care not to touch them. :P I also noticed that thing with the pillowcase causing it! Now I change my pillowcase much more regularly.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  12. Love your dress! I actually didn't notice the pimple either until you mentioned it :) I am also using a sulfate-free shampoo, and I am having mixed feelings about it. My hair has seemed to be a little more curly, but it is also a little but drier than usual.Love your outfit!


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