What I Wear-Umm...wore...And My Movie Making Antics


So this post is a bit late-but for a good reason this time! I actually wore this yesterday, had the pictures all loaded and everything, however my two younger siblings and I decided we should film a movie! Yes, that's how things work in my house! After a fun filming, we came in to edit it. Which is where we spent the rest of my night, adding music and trimming film clips! =) Unfortunately it's not something I can share for copyright reasons! I can tell you that the title is "Doctor Woo" and that my brother wore his Doctor Who joke, it was just as creepily real looking on video camera! The movie also included aliens and my falling and laying on the ground and getting dirt all over me!

 I was pleased to find out that Windows Movie Maker is excellent for editing movies! Perhaps I'm behind, but I've never used it before! When we made movies previously  we just filmed them and had a simple editing program that basically all you could do was trim the video and paste it together! Windows Movie Maker allows you to trim, edit, speed up or slow down the video-and the best part-add music at different points. Anyone else ever used this program? 

I'm so appreciating reading your responses to my survey last post! So what have I discovered so far? Lots! But a running theme seems to be that the type I was using before is hard to read-is this better? 

Definitely heard you loud and clear on cleaning up my sidebar (I'll be working on that later this week hopefully). There were mixed feelings about the new design, I'm trying this out for a while, if something is really bugging you, please let me know! I'm trying to keep the background clean and non distracting while still adding  some fun color, so I probably won't go darker on the pink. 

A lot of you mentioned vlogs, as I have no ideas whatsoever, what are your ideas? I can sure try one, but I need ideas! So...what kind of vlog would you like to see? 

I'm Wearing: 
Jean Vest-Target $12
Red Striped Shirt-Ross $4
Skirt-Thrifted (ages ago!)
Gladiator $20?


  1. Cute skirt!! I have one that is really similar that was thrifted.
    One thing I've always made sure of on my blog is keeping my sidebars clean, since I only use the right side, I have to make sure I don't overdo it and make it look cluttered and overbearing. So many images can distract from the actual post. :)
    Have a good day!
    Kalin from

  2. Cute top! You look great in it. =) I have used windows movie maker and it's awesome (though i have just upgraded to adobe premiere, which is a little more intricate). My siblings and I make movies too and I've used windows movie maker for editing most of them (all but the most recent). =) I love making movies with my siblings! So much that I'd actually love to intern with a christian film company someday. =)

  3. I love the way you paired khaki colored and denim.

  4. As far as a vlogs go, showing a basic outfit and how you would accessorize different ways would be great.

  5. LOVE this outfit! :D

    And to reply to your comment on my blog (which ordinarily, I would have done much, much sooner...but as last week was finals week, I haven't checked my blogger feed for about a week now)--I am majoring in government/political science. And yes!! I bought the season pass for Doctor Who on iTunes, and my sister and I have been keeping up with all the episodes. They have all been SO good lately...I'm liking part two of series seven quite a bit better than part one, I think. Did you watch the latest episode, "The Crimson Horror"? That one was so good (though honestly, from the preview I wasn't too excited for it), and now I can't wait for the next episode! I love Clara's outfits too, and her personality as well.

    Decked Out in Ruffles


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