What I Wear-Directionally Challenged And Kosher Casual

After learning to drive I discovered a not so good trait-I have very little sense of direction! I would seriously get lost coming out of the bathroom...
Which is why walking out in the woods by myself would never be a good idea! However if my dad, who has a great sense of direction, walks with us, I'm okay. If I follow him around I most likely won't get lost-which got me to thinking about something. If I trust my earthly, human, fallible father, how much more should I trust my heavenly Father? My earthly father can make mistakes, maybe even get me lost in the woods (hopefully not!) but my heavenly Father can see wider, longer and infinitely more than I can! I can trust Him to lead me into the woods of life, I just have to follow Him. As long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, I won't get lost in the dark woods. As soon as I let my eyes slip onto myself, or the dark woods, that's when I get lost. 
So today, remember-keep your eyes on Jesus, not your circumstances or surroundings. Trust that He can lead you through many a dark wood, leading you where you need to be, when you need to be there. Be in constant contact with your Heavenly Father and you don't need to worry about the path in front of you.

  • I'm Wearing: Yellow Shirt-Forever 21 $5, Skirt-C/O Kosher Casual, bracelets-$? Necklaces-HMD
  • On a side note, Kosher Casual sent me this lovely skirt! I'm absolutely adoring it! I think it will be perfect for this Summer! The fabric is thick enough to assure no need for a slip, but light enough for Summer weather. The grey is perfect for mixing and matching shirts! The skirt also comes in Navy and  Black. I can't wait to wear it again soon! Customer service was friendly and prompt and I'm impressed with the quality of the skirt. The shipping was way faster than they anticipated-they told me 2-3 weeks-it arrived in 11 days from Israel! I should also mention it has a great elastic waistband-perfect for sisters who share! =) The skirt is $35, a bit out of this thrift store girl's price,
  •  however they have this lovely skirt>> on sale right now for $12!! It only comes in one color, and XL though. 

How's your sense of direction? Are you the girl who gets lost coming out of the bathroom (like me!), or are you amazing at getting around? 


  1. I have horrible sense of direction. I don't think I could really find my way around our Small town! :) lol Well, maybe I could get to places like the market, but otherwise GPS is my bff!! :)

  2. Cute outfit! Neat skirt... gotta love skirts that go with everything!

    I am extremely challenged directionally. That is the key reason (besides stress issues) that I don't drive (yet!). I love having a smaller home so I don't get lost! :-)


  3. I guess I have a decent sense of direction, but it's never to be trusted! I love your yellow shirt! :D

  4. Cute outfit! I really like that skirt.(:
    I am so directionally ain't even funny. :P I cannot give anyone directions to save my life, and as soon as someone tells me to go right, I go left, and vice versa (unless, of course, I take the time to hold up my hands and figure it out, lol). I am not too bad at following maps, though, although I prefer having a GPS to tell me where to go.
    Also, I love how you tied this into placing out trust in God to lead's so easy to get lost on spiritual paths, and we certainly can't trust ourselves to navigate it--we need help.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. I HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!!!!! ha ha ;) I love your shirt! It's a beautiful color.

  6. I actually have a pretty keen sense of direction. =) I take after my dad in that I have a very technical mind and I like to think about and analyze things. So even if I do get lost I can most likely get back on track. =) The key is DON'T PANIC!! lol. =) Love your outfit - especially your skirt. =) You're jewelry's super cute too.

    Oh! And I just noticed your new header today. It looks really good!!

  7. love gray and yellow! such a good look and super cute!

  8. I love your mustard top and the owl necklace! Such a cute combination. Sometimes it's so hard to fathom just how great our God is and how much he loves us..thank you for the great reminder! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    James 4:8

  9. I get lost fairly easily. I one time got so lost driving home from college--because there was a detour, and I was a little nervous there for a while, thinking, "I'm never going to get home!"...but I eventually made it. Now I've been living in the same place long enough that I can get around, but I know when we move I'm just going to have to start all over again (and use a GPS).
    That skirt is cute!


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