What I Wear-*I'm Taking Pictures In The Rain...Just Taking Pictures In The Rain...*

I'm Wearing: Jean Jacket-Vanity $15, Shirt-Thrifted $3, Skirt-Ross $8 

These photos are actually from a couple days ago! I've been pretty busy with life (translated nothing special...) This is what I wore when the day was dreary and rainy-a hard time to dress for! It's been raining quite a bit, a good thing considering the fires in Montana had already started up, but now are out.
 Just a casual outfit, but definitely easily re-created! 

I've also been trying to get better photos, but it's hard! I've also been wondering about how many photos people actually want to see? Is this a good amount, or would more be better? 

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday-*sniff*sniff* last episode of Doctor Who tonight! I'm so sad! But the teaser looked awesome! 

Off to go watch it now-anyone else watching Doctor Who tonight? How was your Saturday?


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Really like this!

    I would say this is a good happy-medium amount of pictures! One or two more wouldn't seem like too much, but this amount is great.


  2. Love this outfit! And these pictures are so neat!(: I love umbrella photos.
    I think you use a pretty good number of photos. In my posts, I tend to try to keep photos between 5 to 7 and sometimes, a rare 8.
    I am insanely excited for the season finale! It looks amazing! I haven't been able to see it yet since it won't be on iTunes till tomorrow...and I cannot wait! I would almost watch it at midnight, but since there's church, I won't do it. :P anyway, you've probably seen it by now! How was it??

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. I've heard of Dr. Who, but what is it?

  4. I like seeing 3-5 photos of each outfit, with closeups where needed.

  5. I am on board with everything but the coat/jacket. It gives the effect that you are wearing your little sibling's denim jacket.

    The denim jacket does work, but in a fuller sense, or even left out, and the shirt being long sleeved, and a wrap if it is chilly. Denim in the rain would not be a logical choice to begin with, as it would not retain heat that well anyways.

  6. love rainy days! cute pictures with the umbrella!



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