What I Wear-Peasant Boho Top And Dear Mom

I found this shirt at Goodwill in Bozeman and I'm loving it! It has a really nice boho feel to it-perfect combination of feminine and casual. I would've tried to wear it with a skirt today, however I didn't have time to try different skirts on this morning, so I just threw on this pair of capris and skated out the door. 

I'm Wearing: 
Shirt-Goodwill $3.99
Capris-Maurices $? $20? 

And of course, I can't forget today is Mother's Day! 
I thought this year I'd write something a bit different...

Dear Mom, you fed me, burped me and changed my diapers-you rock!

Dear Mom, you taught me how to cook and kissed my skinned knees and only sighed at my ripped tights-you're fantastic!

Dear Mom, you made me wear overalls-but I'll forgive you! ; )

Dear Mom, you've showed me how to be a good mom, wife and daughter-you're crazy cool!

Dear Mom, you put up with my slow driving-you're patient! 

Dear Mom, you put up with my crazy fitness and exercise comment.

Dear Mom, thanks for being you! 

Dear Mom, how can I put into words everything you've taught me, all the times you put up with my teenage hormones, the times I messed up food (*clears throat* soapy frosting anyone?) and everything in between. You're the perfect mom, for me!  : ) 

QUESTION: What are 3 things you admire in your mom?


  1. Your hair is so beautiful, and your outfit is awesome! I love the little letters to your mom, too :)

    Three things I admire in my mom:
    1) She never complains.
    2) She's always smiling and ready to listen.
    3) She's so patient.

  2. I LOVE Maurices capris! I bought one pair 2 years ago, one pair last year, and then two pairs this year. They seem to wear really well. All of them are in really good condition, except for the back pocket buttons. The two pairs I bought this year don't have flaps on the back pockets, but the other two I bought had the back buttons popped off withing a week. Love your outfit!

  3. This is a great example of a cute, modest pants outfit. My mom is in heaven but here are three things I admired about her:
    1) She loved the Lord and was never hesitated to tell that to others.
    2) She always kept our house very clean but still made it feel homey and comfortable.
    3) I could discuss anything with her.
    Hope you and your mom had a great day!


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