Old Photos Of Natasha! 19th Birthday!

I thought it would be fun to share some old photos of myself! Why, you ask?
Today is my 19th birthday! Today I start the first part of my last year as a teenager. In some ways, I'm sad to see it go! In other ways, I'm glad. I'm excited to see what God can do with my life, at the same it's scary growing up! But I know that as long as I'm a child of God-everything will be just fine! 

I should also mention before you start looking at my old photos, I've never dyed my hair! For some reason my hair has changed colors frequently over the years! 

Eight Fun Facts:
  1. There is a Monster book with a baby monster called Natasha! 
  2. (obviously no resemblance whatsoever...LOL!) 
  3. 1994-1999-my Winnie The Pooh obsession. And those TV shows with "Pooh Bear" that are on TV now? Um yeah, not the real Pooh Bear-total imposter!
  4.  2000-2003 (couldn't find any photos) but this was my ballerina faze! 
  5. 2004-the "do rag" faze. I even went into Great Harvest on time and the cashier said "Hey, what's up with the do rag?"  
  6. 2005-present. get the picture! 2009 started my blog! 
  7. My middle name is Lei
  8. From ever since I could remember to about 13, my baby dolls were permanantely attached to me! 

Hopefully I haven't completely bored you! But I really do enjoy seeing photos of people from when they were little, so hopefully a couple people enjoyed this post! ; ) 


  1. I love posts like this! It's crazy how much your hair has changed!

  2. You are so beautiful through the years :) I love it.

  3. How sweet! I always love seeing little-kid pics of people! You were adorable (still are, of course!).

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy this last year as a teenager!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Love all the photos; it's so fun to look at old pics:) I love the one of you in the pooh bear outfit-adorable!!

  5. Happy birthday!...a couple days late. I also love seeing kid photos of people and looking for resemblances over the years, so I wasn't bored by this post in the least! :)

  6. You definitely didn't bore me! I love old pictures. These are great! My favorite is the one with the floppy hat. In the one right below it, you look so much like my little girl looks right now (she's 4), although it's probably just that particular picture's lighting. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing your pictures!

  7. Cool post! I love looking at old photos of people, so this WASN'T boring at all! You were such an ADORABLE baby and a cute little kid! And you're lovely now! Happy Birthday!

    Also, don't worry about the teens coming to an end! My mom always told me that she still feels like a teenager always feel young, if you're young at heart!;D lol!



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