What I Wear-Yellow Casual Forever 21

At the request of my photographer-me running in horror from a train that has no engine...

A huge thank you to whomever left this Dr. Pepper can to ruin my photo...

I'm Wearing: Yellow Casual Tee Shirt-Forever 21 $5, Mint Green Tank Top-Forever 21 $2.80, Faded Denim Blue Jean Skirt-Thrifted $3.99, Flip Flops-Gift Cabela's  

So after a somewhat long blogging lazy/forgetting/never blogging sabbatical, I've got a casual outfit for you guys! I picked up this lovely yellow tee shirt at Forever 21 last weekend for $5! I don't normally wear yellow, for the most part I really can't stand yellow-however this shade has always appealed to me (that and mustard yellow). I have yet to figure out my exact "color chart"-I think I look alright in pastels, but some bright colors are good, as are some earth tones. I suppose I'm all over the color chart (as sporadic as I am with everything else! LOL!) I'm curious to know...

QUESTION: How Do you determine what colors you look best in?


  1. Which colors complement my skin tone, and make my brown hair and eyes stand out. Blue is one of the best colors on me, because it looks so great with my skin, hair, and eyes. Red and earth tones are also great colors on me. Another great color is dark pink or soft dusty pink.

  2. Cute outfit! Sometimes casual is BEST.

    Hmmm... I usually just hold stuff up to me in front of a mirror (or just ask someone who's shopping with me) to see if the color washes me out (I'm a fair-skinned person!). I haven't had too many problems, thankfully. Some colors are definitely not quite as flattering as others though. :-)

    Oh, and I love the train!!!


  3. I just see if it washes me out. I have really pale skin so some colors just look bad. Lol! I don't look very good in yellow-which stinks because I LOVE yellow-or super bright colors..I try to stick with darker stuff or white. :) Love the train picture, so something I would do! Love the skirt, too. I need to buy a knee length jean skirt..

  4. I don't wear yellow much either. The general idea with colors is that most people either tend to look better in cool colors or warm colors. My hair is brown, which is usually a warm color, but it's a very ashy-brown, considered a 'cool' brown (I learned this only since beauty school)....but that explains why my whole life I've favored wearing cool colors, like purple, turquoise, blue, and fuchsia.

  5. I love the jean skirt! I've never been a fan of yellow, I like pink or red more... for a blonde!

  6. That's a really nice casual outfit. I can never seem to figure out how to make a casual skirt outfit. But you give me hope that it's possible! ;)
    I took an online quiz to find out my color scheme. It's on, under "Freebies". :) and I know from experience that wearing black definitely makes me look sick.


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