What I Wear-Tips On Wearing Skirts And Long Black Maurice's Skirt

While dressing in skirts can have many positive aspects, it can also have some negative aspects as well. For instance, they can be hard to wear. I remember when I first started wearing skirts more often, I was constantly irritated by how my outfits never quite looked the way I thought they should! For those of you who are curious, I thought I'd put together a few tips for wearing skirts fashionably, while still maintaining modesty! 

  • The fitted to flowy ratio. This is the perfect outfit to demonstrate this! This skirt would most definitely not look good on me with a flowy/big/unfitted shirt. The shirt needs to be fitted in order to look okay with the long, slightly unfitted skirt.  
  • Long shirt+skirt=niggling suspicion that you've created an outfit that isn't right. Generally, the shirt should probably be just above the hip at the longest, any longer and it tends to cross over into the frumpy zone. 
  • The most flattering length on (most) people is usually knee length. The smallest part of your leg determines how short you should go (keeping in mind your modesty standards). So, if you have larger calves, choosing a skirt below the largest part of your skirt is a good idea.
  • Some shirts will just never look good with a skirt. Period. Sorry-it's the truth! 
  • Skirts can be flattering on ANYONE-you just have to choose the right kind! 
  • Upper body shapes and lower body shapes should stay away from: pencil skirts and broomstick skirts (anything that is too up and down is a no-no, flared is the most flattering). High waisted skirts are usually not a good idea.
  • Those with proportions pretty equal can get away with many different types of skirts. Experiment with what looks best! Chances are, if you feel your upper body is overpowering your lower body, try a flowy skirt, or something less fitted. On the opposite side, if you feel the lower body is overpowering, pair a pencil skirt or something fitted with a flowy, unfitted shirt. 
I'm Wearing: Pink shirt-Thrifted $2.99, Skirt-Maurices $17, Shoes-Old Navy $5?
Now, I'm far from a "veteran skirt wearer"! But this is what I've learned. 
I would LOVE to hear your tips! Leave them in a comment! =)


  1. How did you program the "p" (pinterest logo) to show up when you roll over your pictures?

    1. I used the tutorial from this site:
      It's pretty easy if you have basic HTML knowledge (I'm a self taught "HTML-er" my degree at! LOL!
      Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth!

  2. Good post... I really do agree. :-)

    very cute outfit. Love these pics with the sunlight! Very dreamy... And you are beautiful in them, as always!


  3. Hey Natasha, This is the best post that I have read since I started following your blog about a month ago.This however is the first time I have ever commented!The skirt is so -perfect! I have been wanting to make one just like it, using Olivia's( tutorial.Is it possible if you could reply to my comment with the measurements of it please ?
    ~Cassie p.s. thanks so much!
    in Mi

  4. Hey Natasha, This is the best post that I have seen since I have started following you, about a month ago now!(this is the first time that I have commented) Very good pictures and post!
    So the skirt is -perfect! I have been wanting to make one just like it while using Olivia's( tutorial.Is it possible for you to replay to my comment with the measurements(we are about the same size)?
    In Mi

    1. Cassie,
      No problem! Sorry it took a bit to get back to you!
      Here are the measurements (hopefully they make sense!)
      Let me know if you need more than this.
      Just to let you know, my mom purchased this skirt on sale, but she didn't like the way it fit, so gave it to me. I have to wear it with a belt so it doesn't slide down too much-it's a couple inches too big.
      The skirt is size 13/14 so if I was you, I'd probably take the waist in a bit.
      The waist size measures 18" across (so doubleded, that would be 36")
      the length is 38"-top of the waist to end of hem(I'm 5"8 if that helps).
      And the bottom hemline measures 26" across.
      Hopefully that helps you! Good luck with your skirt!
      Thanks for commenting! I look forward to hearing from you in the future, comments are always appreciated!

  5. LOVE this outfit, Natasha! You look absolutely beautiful in all the photos. :) The outfit style looks great and your pictures look reeeaaeally amazing too. The light is wonderful!
    Keep this up! (one of my favorite posts of yours btw. :D)


  6. Floor length skirts can be hard to wear! I have a few of them, but my husband doesn't like them, so I don't wear them much. I think your tips about keeping your outfit balanced are great!

  7. I would love it if you would check out my blog and maybe button swap?

  8. Hey, hope that you had a good time on your trip.I have been missing your posts though!And yes the only reason I know you were gone is from reading Olivia's( comments from her post today.Cant wait for your coming post, hopefully some pictures from the adventure!?
    Many blessings!

  9. Love all the tips. So true! You should link up to my Sunday blog hop;)

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  10. Now that I'm attending church regularly and trying to find appropriate dresses and skirts, the problem I keep running into is length. You're the same height I am- do you find that things that fit great at first shrink into something unwearable when you get 'em out of the wash? The cutest maxi skirts and dresses turn into that weird shorter than floor-length yet not quite calf length that I have no idea what to do with! Argh! :p

    Love seeing photos of someone wearing cute, normal clothes that don't cost $$$$. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  11. This skirt is amazing! It flatters you so well! Thanks for dressing modestly and being an example to all of us ladies. You impact more people then you know or will ever know!



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