What I Wear-Monochromatic (Sort Of) And Sis-Miss

 I'm Wearing: 
Blue Lace Shirt-Rue 21 $3//Mint Green/Blue Skirt-Thrifted $2.97//Sandals-Payless $15//Necklace-hand me down-$0 Total: $20.97 

Wow, if I'm not careful I might actually get on a regular posting schedule! LOL! Nah....

This outfit sort of just "fell" together! I purchased this shirt at Rue 21 for a mear $3! What a steal! I think it'll be a nice addition to my wardrobe, as it's a very versatile color. It fits very well, while not being too tight and form fitting. This outfit is a casual around the house outfit, comfortable and functional, while not sacrificing cuteness!
My day was filled with Quickbooks...and Quickbooks...and more Quickbooks. After three hours, my brain seems to turn into mush! So working from 10:00AM-6:00PM was a challenge! Blogging is a nice diversion from thinking...yes. I just said that. Somehow words are easier than numbers. I actually liked Algebra in school, Geometry? Not so much. The difference you ask? Algebra is a you do "this and this and you'll get the right answer." Geometry is more of a vague, you could do this...or maybe this...or perhaps this. So yes, it's been a Geometry day! 
On a more positive note, Sis-Miss contacted me and asked me to review an item from their site
Of course I said yes! Who can pass up free clothes?! They sent me this lovely brown shirt with a Peter Pan collar loaded with tiny sequins! How much cuter can you get?!  Being long sleeves, I chose not to take photos IN it. It's been 90 deg. here lately, so light fabric and as little sleeve as possible is called for! 

The shirt is made of soft fabric and appears to be very well made and high quality. I look forward to wearing it when the weather cools down!

Sis-Miss specializes in clothing that fits the LDS (Mormon) guidelines to serve a mission for ladies. Although I'm not a Mormon, the clothing on their site is very cute and I share many of the same convictions when it comes to modesty.    

So, are you having an Algebra, or a Geometry day?!


  1. Thanks for the fun post Natasha.I cant wait to see what you do with this top!I have not ever heard of the Sis Miss site, but since this is an Algebra day I will have to look at it later....O and if you are open for ideas for the new shirt I think a great way to 'get it together' would be to pair it with a high waisted skirt (tucked in) with a belt.Possibly your silver one ? Yes, last night I went back threw all your past posts till 2010!
    P.S. By the way, thanks for the measurements of the skirt from the long black skirt post!

  2. Great post, Natasha! I love your style. $3 was an absolute steal for such an adorable shirt! What a great find. :) I love clearance and sales. <3 The shirt from Sis Miss is super cute, too. I love Peter Pan collars.

    Thanks for not being afraid to dress modestly. We need more people like you in today's world.


  3. I think the matching nail polish is what really pulls it all together. Cute!


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