Colorado Spring, Co Trip Photos!

So, as promised, here are the photos from my trip! I've included some details below each photo so you know what they are! 
We did a lot of fun stuff while we were there, but I only took photos of two different days apparently...
This was a really awesome museum we visited (they wouldn't allow photos inside-bummer!) But I took a couple photos of the outside of the building-isn't it awesome?! This was a traveling museum of Bible history, called "Passages." we thought the outside was painted or something, however it was just a plastic wrap thingy! Pretty neat looking from the road! 
It was definitely fun, but loooonnnnggg! 
I think my favorite part was the interactive parts they had! One room included a monk and long wooden table to try your hand at copying one line of the bible in another language (can't remember which to be honest). We used a quill pen and ink-boy! There's no way I could've copied the Bible back then! 
There was also a stamp room, someone demonstrating the Gutenberg press, videos set in the wall that looked like people were in the room and animatronic people who explained their lives/events for that room. If it comes to a place near you, I highly recommend going!  

Pictured: Left to right-My siblings, Onan and Patience. Me. My cousins Danielle, Emily and  Grandparents

My cousin Danielle and my sister Patience-passing the time on the way to Denver.

We also took a trip up to Denver in my Grandparent's motor home to a place none of us had been in ages! (12 years to be exact!) when we used to live in Fort Collins, we would meet up with the family in Denver and eat at a place called "Cosa Bonita" (more on that later...)
My cousin Emily

Outside Casa Bonita! Oddly, my cousin Emily and I both thought Casa Bonita was out in the middle of nowhere, when in fact it's smack dab in the town surrounded by a shopping mall! We discussed, it probably was due to the fact that we ran straight for it upon arriving there way back when!
In line for our food! 

At the table eating! Left hand side of the table, from my sister in Patience in orange, then me, cousins Danielle and Emily. Right hand side, Grandpa and Grandma, my brother Onana and my mom (Uncle David is taking the photo!

They have SUPER good sopapillas-so good...did I mention you can have as many as you'd like?! After getting up from the table, everyone saying they're filled to overflowing with food, Mom turned around, sighed....and popped another one in her mouth! LOL!

So funny story, when my cousins and I were little (under 9) there was this Gorilla at Casa Bonita (they have a little "dinner theater" type of thing going on). We were so afraid of him, we'd get under the table when we saw him coming! So this time, we decided it was time to conquer our fears! My mom asked the waiter if we could have the Gorilla come over to our table. The waiter came back and said "I can't tell you if he will, or won't." Well...a little while comes the Gorilla, lead by his owner! We got a picture with the gorilla, however, I forgot to hand anyone my camera! So alas, no photos for me. *Sniff* however, I did find this page on Facebook with a video! Check it out if you'd like!

 I couldn't figure out why we were afraid of the Gorilla, till we saw his show! Basically, the "owner" of the Gorilla leads him around, then tells some little kid in the audience to watch him. The Gorilla escapes from his laughably loose chains and runs around the restaurant while his owner chases him. So, I could see how that could be scary for a little kid....traumatizing really....oh, in case you're wondering why I'm telling you this, it's so I don't look silly when you see the Gorilla and think he's funny looking....LOL!

The actor and actress on the "stage"-they also do dives! 

They also have a "scary" cave you can visit in the back of the restaurant. A lot smaller feeling than the last time I visited! ; )

It's also a tradition of sorts to take a family photo outside the front doors in front of the waterfall!
Left to right, Onan, me my sister Patience, Uncle David, Grandma, Cousin Emily, Cousin Danielle and Grandpa.
And another one, with my mom this time! (had to take turns with the camera!) 

Grandma playing with guns....                                                            Emily and Danielle playing a game.

After getting back from Casa Bonita, we visited the penny arcade in Downtown Manitou. A fun place, but not everything cost a penny to play, in case you're wondering! ; ) 
I had to take a photo of this, I've never seen one! The penny arcade part is filled with lost of old games (yes, some of them cost a penny). Not sure exactly how this bill changer machine works-what if you put a $5 in?!

And in closing, a picture of the family (minus mom who was taking the photo!)
Left to right back: Onan, Patience, Me, Emily
Front: Danielle, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle David, Aunt Laura. 

As you can see, we had a fun time! On top of these photos, we also visited the farmer's market, ate at too many places to mention and got a bit tanned and lightened my hair! =) 

Have you ever visited Colorado Springs? 


  1. That is so awesome you visited CO. I live here , and am so blessed that I do! It is an awesome state:)

  2. Hey! I looove Casa Bonita-- haven't been there in almost 8 years, but I have lots of good memories of the place like you! :) You look super cute in all these photos, too. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fun pictures! Glad you had such a fun time!

    Actually, good friends of mine live in Colorado Springs, so I HAVE been there! Beautiful place!


  4. Thanks for the photos! It does look like you all had a good time!
    I do have to say that I think the shorts you wore are too short, but at least you make sure they are not tight!
    Love the floral navy blue shirt that you had on!

  5. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! That museum looks really neat...I'll have to see if it's coming anywhere near here!(:
    I've never been to Colorado Springs, but I do have family that live there, including my Great-Grandma. My mom just flew there recently for her 100th birthday. It sounds like such a great place, though! I would really love to visit someday.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. So glad that you are back! It sure does look like you all did have a good time.
    I do have to say that the shorts you wore are a little too short.How do you determine your length ? At least they are not super tight.What are your standards for this ?
    I do love the floral navy blue shirt!

    1. S,
      Thanks for commenting!
      To answer your question, I wouldn't go any shorter than the white ones I'm wearing in the photo (which, by the way are the same ones I'm wearing in the first photo by the Passages Sign-paired with a purple shirt). These white ones are about two-three inches above my knee, which is what I'm comfortable with. I wouldn't go this short in a skirt, for the simple reason that shorts are very different! If a skirt blows in the wind, it shows a LOT more than if you wear shorts and it's windy. I feel these shorts are appropriate for me, I'm sorry if you feel they are too short. As I've stressed a lot on this blog, everyone has a different perspective on modesty and the chances of finding someone with EXACTLY the same standards as you is very slim.
      I hope this won't deter you from commenting and reading my blog in the future! I value my readers and I love to hear from you ladies!

    2. Thanks for being so open to my comment!I completely understand the fact that everyone has their own standards!For sure!And for sure am glad that you have some.Just wondered what your thoughts were on it.

  7. Looks like you are having a great time!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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