What I Wear- Tribal Print Skirt And Immodest Posing

I've been thinking lately about my photography and poses. I want to get better photos on my blog and be creative in my posing! But then comes the fine line. Oh yes, the dreaded line! Have you ever considered certain poses can actually be immodest?! I know that sounds crazy, but awhile back I was reading a ladies blog and this thought kept niggling at the back of my mind "She has great photos, but her poses are sort of suggestive." She has great poses, but they're not what I want to portray to other people. 

I'm Wearing:
Denim Vest-Ross
Brown Shirt-Thrifted

So my question is, do you have any posing ideas? What kind of photos would you like to see on here? Are close ups of the clothes, shoes and stuff good, or could you care less if they're on here? Time to comment! ; )  
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  1. Okay, this outfit is adorable. Really flows well together, has a good mix of textures and colors, and super flatters you. Two thummmmmmbs up! ;)

    And as far as poses, I'm with ya there! My grandpa looked at my blog a few months back and said my whole, "Hand on hip leaning back" pose (my favorite, cause it always came out good, ha) was showing off my figure too much. About that time I had been feeling uncomfortable when I took those pictures anyway, so I took it as a sign to be more creative and let that pose leave my repertoire. Which, honestly, I think the best poses are just natural ones. :)

  2. I love the close-ups of the shoes and jewelry. I really enjoy being able to see the detail. I know what you mean by immodest posing. It's really hard to find good poses! A good idea is getting interesting "props". Like, for instance, setting on a blue chair or stand next to a wagon, etc.

  3. Wow Natasha, your posts and pictures have been getting better and better since I started following your blog about 2-3 months ago!
    I am so glad you brought up the 'posing question'! I so agree with you! And for sure it is true!
    I think that all of your poses are very modest.The only ones that I personally do not like are the ones when you turn your head.Other than that all of the above are amazing!You are so pretty!Possibly you could do a swirl one with your skirt(if the skirt allows) just to liven everything up.
    This outfit looks amazing on you.It is not completely my style, but it looks so you!And it matches perfectly! Your hair did get bleached out while you were away!How beautiful! I love the wave you put in it!
    I will be hoping that you get many good comments for your question to further bring this blog to glorify our Lord!
    Blessings! ~C

  4. Pretty outfit and good thoughts! I really hate that many young women so often have more "sexy" poses... not exactly God-honoring, I would think. It can be hard for me, but I try to have fun with poses. Changing your surroundings can help a lot in bringing creativity to your outfit posts (take them outside, inside a pretty room, near a cool building, with "props" such as a book or instrument, etc...)

    With outfit posts, it can be SO hard to keep them God-focused, not ME-focused. Thanks for being so honest and open, Natasha!


  5. Hey! I would really like to see you posing with props to make the photos more interesting. here's a really great fashion blog that has good pics. too. I hope it can provide you with some inspiration and great ideas!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I agree with you on the posing. I think your pictures are always great. I espically like the backgrounds you come up with.
    I'm glad you had fun in Colorado Springs-isn't it great there? I went there for th first time just two weeks ago, so I was excited to see that you went there.

  7. I like the pictures of shoes and other accessories. It adds a unique element to your posts.

    My suggestion for posing is to only stand in 1/2 of the pictures. Perhaps you could sit on a swing, rock, chair, bench, tree, etc. Another idea is to creatively theme your pictures to go with whatever activity you tend to do in a specific outfit. For instance, if you enjoy fishing, it would be fun to see pictures of you fishing in a cute, casual outfit. I think the outfit you wore today has a flowy, artsy look. Perhaps you could set up a large canvas and paint or draw while wearing this outfit. On Sundays, you could wait til' your church sanctuary is empty and then take some photos of you sitting on a pew with some stained glass window light filtering through (if you have stained glass windows...that was just a wild guess on my part.)

    Hope those ideas help! :)

  8. Personally, I feel like if you look directly at the camera - ie, directly at the viewer, not sort of a coy side-look but full-on - and always stand up straight, you've got a pretty good shot at not being suggestive in photos. I feel like a lot of fashion bloggers sort of slink around and that's part of it. There's something in the face that kind of gives away the ghost in that instance; the pursing of the mouth, weird stuff like that.

    Like, I feel like the posing in this post is perfect! Hand-on-hip and your leaning-back pose shows your outfit a little more, but with your direct gaze on the viewer it's not immodest.

    Also, love the tribal skirt :)

  9. I love your outfit! ♥.. I have a modest fashion blog too ;) and I really nice to meet you! ;)

    Lore - Pinkadicta

  10. This is super cute! I would totally wear this! You did a great job accessorizing the skirt. The bolder print would be harder to work with (in my opinion) so you did a great job with the shirt, jacket, and necklace without making it look too busy or too overdone!
    I think your poses in this post are perfect! You look very pretty and not suggestive or immodest at all. Keep up the good work!

  11. You are looking gorgeous in the tribal outfit. Nowadays tribal clothing has it's own identity. Tribal clothing will be more adorable when the color combination is perfect. One more thing your makeup should match your outfit.
    tribal clothes

  12. Dear Miss Natasha, I think that modesty is a attitude of humility in the spirit. You convey this attitude in your pictures. Even if, like Miss Olivia, you accidentally strike a pose you later think a bit immodest, the viewer still has a choice whether to be tempted or to resist temptation. We can't control the minds of others, only our own attitudes!


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