Graduation Celebration-Late...

Hopefully I'm not completely boring you with these photos, but many of you have expressed an interest in my "mundane" events! LOL! So here are some photos from my (very late) graduation celebration! 

I came out of the shower to see this lovely sign my sister Patience did up....*clears throat*

Me, Melissa and Patience (my older and younger sister)

And so ends one chapter of my life and begins another! I'm excited to see what God has for me in the future. Is it scary? Yes. But I know that He has my best at heart and will never leave me! Look out world-here comes a Homeschool graduate!!


  1. How fun! Love the sign your sis made... that is SO something one of my sisters would do! ;-)

    Enjoy your post-homeschool life, Natasha! I absolutely loved it, as does my sister, Jess, now that she has finished too. Never stop learning!


  2. The food looks so nice with the drapery swirled around it! :) Tell Patience her hair looks really cute like that! So happy for you! And you so had me laughing when you said 'look out world here comes a Homeschool graduate' :D I will (hopefully) :) be graduating (from Homeschooling) before Christmas....

  3. Congratulations! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?! I love your sister's sign. :) Thanks for sharing about your graduation. I really enjoy these types of posts.

  4. Congratulations, Natasha! I wish you the very best in all that you do! Thanks for running such an amazing blog! Bytheway, I love they way the decor/food was arranged for your celebration. Very elegant!



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