What I Wear-DownPour Festival 2013 And Graduation Celebration...Late...

So you know the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Well I'm making my own now, "lack of blogging makes you happy when you see a post from me-even if it's late!" These photos are from last week actually! We celebrated my graduation with the Grandparents (since they weren't here in June). And yes, I wore the dorky cap, gown and tassel! I don't know who invented that ugly outfit, but they shouldn't have...just saying. I mean...REALLY? Could you have come up with a more unflattering "dress?!"

This weekend my family and I got to go to the DownPour Festival in Great Falls, MT! Always an awesome time of fun and worship. 
Here's a picture of the crowd on Saturday on Facebook:
I think they estimated 10,000 people! 
Go to see Da Truth, Spoken, The Letter Black, P.O.D, Kutless and Colton Dixon! I have to say I liked Kutless the most. Best of all? It's a free event! So grateful to the people who put this event on! Anyway, busy week and weekend!  

I'm Wearing: White Lace Crop Top-Debs $5, Red Skirt-Thrifted $3.99, Shoes-Ancient-$10?, Earrings-$0 Hand me down, Tank top-Vanity $10. Outfit Total: $28.99

Who's your favorite music artist?


  1. I love Josh Turner. :) I'm a country fan and I love how devoted to the Lord he is! :) Congrats-again-on graduating, haha!

  2. Very pretty outfit. Love your earrings too. :-)

    I love Third Day and Casting Crowns... also Steven Curtis Chapman... and TobyMac and Newsboys... I like music!

    Have a blessed day, Natasha.

  3. Gorgeous outfit!
    I love the lace!
    and the skirt too is so pretty!
    come by too and check my blog at
    maybe we could follow each other.

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  5. I'm Bekah from Calico Clodhoppers... :-) I'd have to say my favorite artists of country and christian are Sara Groves and Scotty McCreery... I used to like Taylor Swift, but... Does anyone else think she's pretty trashy now? Just sayin'... Well, hope y'all get a chance to come visit our blog at Thanks for the post Natasha! ~Rebekah

  6. First I've to say that I love your earrings, is something I'd totally wear :)

    As regards the question itself, I don't know beause when it comes to music I'm quite eclectic. But usually I listen to asian female singers a lot, some have amazing songs.


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