What I Wear-Making a Short Dress Modest!

Here is another example of how to make a short dress/skirt modest! I absolutely love this white skirt, it's super cute alone, but especially helpful under something else! This dress is a bit too short (especially since it's a dress and has little give bending over). I opted for a black and white outfit. I considered adding some color with shoes, or perhaps a different top, but decided to go instead with all black and white. The result is a nice church outfit that's both modest and cute. 

Adding a skirt under a short skirt or dress is a great way to broaden your wardrobe! Many times the skirts or dresses will be just a tad too short, but otherwise modest, a skirt fixes this nicely! 

I've been reading the "Trim Healthy Mama" book this week and I must say, I'm intrigued! The basic principle is that you don't exclude any food group (except junk food of course...) it's all in how you PAIR the food. Lots of fat doesn't go with a high carb meal, your body can only burn one at a time. So you have two different kinds of meals, one called "Satisfying" and the other "Energizing" (S and E meals for short). The S meal has lots of fat, but very little carbs. The E meals has a medium amount of carbs and very little fat. I'm excited to try this out and see if it works or not! It got very good reviews and it seems to make sense to me. 
Has anyone else read this book? I would love to hear tips or experiences with this book! 

I'm Wearing: Shrug-KMart $1.99//Earrings-hand me down $0//Dress-Maurices, Gift $0//Shoes-Forever 21 $5// Belt-came with dress//Outfit total: $6.99!


  1. Gorgeous outfit Natasha... I love the way you've done your hair in this post it looks really elegant! :)

  2. Oh, I just thought I'd say... have you ever seen this post here on how to make a dress longer? I thought it was really claver, and when you said that your dress was too short to be worn on it's own it reminded me of this post I saw a while back on someone else's blog :)

  3. I was so excited to see you say that you are planning on trying it! My mom, teenage brother, and I have been doing it for a month and a half now and LOVE it!!! My mom has lost 20 pounds, my brother has lost almost 30 pounds, and I haven't weighed myself lately (we don't have a scale so we use my Mammaw's when we go up there). Next time I weigh myself I'll let you know. I definitely recommend this. I feel so much slimmer, healthier, more energized, and all around better. The best part is the food is SO yum. I've been loving trying out recipes from the book as well as the THM Facebook and Pinterest pages. I love, love, love the food! I probably like it better than our old way of eating. lol It's just crazy that I can sit there simultaneously eating a chocolate muffin and losing weight. I love it seriously SO much!! When you start please post updates on your blog or at least comment on my blog with your updates (I could just not approve the comment, then it wouldn't show up on my blog, but I could see it). We've also been doing Leslie Sansone workout DVDs, but are looking to try something new. What do you use? What do you recommend? We are also going to start training for a 5K.
    Tips: If you are a major sweet tooth and are going to eat dessert every other night or more, I definitely recommend mixing in some FP desserts. Also, E meals can slow down your weight loss if you mix in too many. We usually try to have only 3-4 E meals a week. Allright, I think I've finally said all I want to say...well, I could say more. lol Go THM!!

  4. Love your outfit! I agree--wearing a skirt under a shorter dress is a great way to make it more modest. I also love sewing strips of fabric to the bottom--I'm actually hoping to do a simple blog tutorial on that now that I'm finished with school.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. I love this look! What a great idea! I always have a hard time finding long enough dresses. I'm definitely going to have to try this. And, wow! What a fabulous outfit for a fabulous price! I love the simplicity of the black and white. It is so classy and elegant.

    Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!


  6. Natasha, this outfit is super cute! I also like your hair. It's a great idea to put a skirt under a dress! To me, the skirt doesn't seem to go as well under this dress (because the dress seems to have a black ruffley layer already), but I totally love the rest of your outfit!

    I recently have worn a skirt under a dress to make it longer, and to my surprise it actually made the dress look a whole lot better! I'll definitely be using that idea often in the future!

    A quick question... do you wear makeup? You look gorgeous in all your pictures, so it's not like you need it! I was just wondering. If you don't, is it for personal preference or personal conviction?


    1. Haley,
      Thanks for commenting! I did a post awhile back on why I don't wear makeup, which you can read here:

    2. OK, thanks for sharing the link! I really respect you for being able to decide not to wear makeup all the time! And may I just add that you do not need makeup at all. You are very beautiful!

  7. Awesome outfit - I love the hair.
    Our family has been doing THM. Between four of us, we have lost 160 lbs in 4 months. And we're still going. It's amazing, and the food is so good, I never want to "go off" like most diets. I recommend it ten times over. :)


  8. Cute outfit. If I didn't know any better, I would think the white skirt was part of the dress. The skirt-under-a-dress thing definitely works best when the lengths are only a couple inches different, as in your outfit.
    I haven't read THM, but I have been trying (emphasis on that word) to stick to a healthy eating plan that is actually similar to S meals: basically no sugar or starches for most meals, but plenty of fat (this is based on the book "Why We Get Fat"). It's great to know that bacon and eggs is healthier than cereal with skim milk, because the latter would leave me feeling hungry about an hour later anyway. Satisfying meals are the best. :)

  9. Adding a skirt underneath is a great idea! I'm kinda tall so a lot of times dresses can look even shorter on me. I'll have to keep this in mind!
    Jeans and a Teacup


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