THM (Trim Healthy Mama) Update!

I was so excited a few posts back to hear that a couple of my readers are "THM-ers"! I'm enjoying this new plan and looking forward to getting more creative as I learn how to eat this way. I've lost 10 pounds so far! Which is good, since I had previously plateaued. For those of you who've read the book, I would love to "glean" some recipes off you! I think E style is hardest for me. 

Here is the "Fooled Ya Pizza"-hint: it's made from cauliflower!!! Yes! I just said that! You totally can not tell! It doesn't taste exactly like pizza crust, but most certainly not like the vegtable it is! 

My Fuel Pull Berry Whip-Yummy!

Chocolate muffin in a mug!
And I promise not to flood your dashboard with THM posts, though it's on my mind constantly lately! 

I would love to know what you ladies use for the S meal bread/buns/tortillas etc! Recipes would be awesome-page numbers if it's in the book are great too! 


  1. My mom is about to start the THM! Right now I'm on a Yeast Cleanse. Not exactly fun. NO sugar and NO bread! My favorites!

    Anyway, it's kind of exciting.
    How long have you been on the plan?

  2. Great post! We have tried all of those except the last. Aren't the recipes insanely good? I hope you've tried the Skinny Chocolate and the Secret Agent Brownies. They are amazing! Here:
    is another recipe my family loves that is plan friendly. You can have 2-3 for a snack, and they are like Reeses PB Cups. So good! One packet of stevia powder equals one teaspoon of Truvia.
    I hope you DO do more THM posts. It's so fun to learn about other people doing it. And WTG with the 10 lb lost!! I've lost 45 since April.
    It's just great to be losing weight and liking what I eat. :)


  3. 10 pounds! Wow!

  4. Hey I nominated you for the Elegant Blogger Award!
    -Jenna <3

  5. So what makes THM different from other diet plans? I'm curious.

  6. Could you share more about the thm diet ? im always looking for way to lose weight although my parents don't like it haha


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