I'm back! Oh yeah, you didn't know I was gone! My family and I were blessed to be able to take a trip to Albuquerque, NM to see family! My dad's family all live down there, so we were able to visit lots of family while we were there! Aunts, Uncle, cousins and their spouses and children as well as my Grandma! 
We didn't do too much, aside from...eating...LOL! Yes, we did a lot of that! We did however visit the zoo. It may not seem like much to you, but I've never been to a zoo! So a first for me and my younger siblings. 
So here are some photos from our trip! I'll hopefully be sharing the family photos we had taken down there, very soon! On to the picture! (worth a thousand words, right?) 

Heading in to meet everybody at El Pinto!
The family gathering! Left side, from front to back: Cousin Danielle (other side of the family actually!)
My brother Onan, sister Patience, dad and mom peeking out. Then going around the table: My Uncle Jerry,
Aunt Renee (picking her nose....*clears throat* I told her it was going on my blog!!) Grandma, Second cousin Brianna, second cousin Keira, second cousin Abby, Cousin Amanda and her husband James, Cousin Lindsey and her husband Dale.
Left to right: Second cousin Brianna, Aunt Miriam, Second cousin Kiera, Second cousin Abby, cousin
Amanda and her husband James. 

Left to right: Uncle Jerry, Cousin James, Aunt Miriam (cousin Amanda standing
 beside her in turquoise) Aunt Renee, Dad (in red), mom and Onan (with his back to the camera!)

I think my favorite animal was this tiny baby Orangutan! He was soooooo cute! Just adorable! Not a very good photo, but he was pretty far away. 

Left to right: Dad, Aunt Miriam, Uncle Jerry (all siblings)
Left to right, Sister Melissa, Cousins Amanda and Lindsey, Aunt Renee and mom.

We had an awesome time and enjoyed hanging out with the family. It had been ten years since we'd been back to Albuquerque, so needless to say everyone had changed a bit! We ate at too many Mexican restaurants to mention (although Sadie's was our favorite!). And through eating smaller portions and sharing, I managed to only gain a pound over vacation! 
I'll hopefully be sharing the family photos we had taken while we were there sometime soon! So look for those as well as an outfit post coming up next! I'm so behind, hopefully everyone understands why I haven't commented on their blogs! I'm hoping to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs this week sometime, but I'll probably have to resort to just reading the recent posts! ; )
How was your week?!  


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Oh, and zoos are amazing! I have never grown out of loving them!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thought that you were gone! Missed ya!
    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the outfit posts!

  3. Hi Natasha! I don't know what happen to my last comment...I published it days ago.
    Anyway, I thought you must have been gone! Missed you! And thanks for sharing! Will eagerly await your outfit posts!


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