What I Wear-Purple, Purple And Some More Purple!

So, I'm long over-do for a "get to know me" post! I know quite a few new people have joined the blog and it's good to reiterate things I've said previously! 
Ten things you may not know about me:

1. My current obsession is Googling THM recipes!
2. I'm naturally introverted and have to push myself to be outgoing. 
3. My latest favorite book is Praire, by Chautona Havig! The Aggie's Inheritance series is sooo good!
4. Along the same lines, I once self inflicted a 1,000 page Jane Austen book on myself-which I finished!
5. I rarely, if ever, wear high heels!
6. I believe modesty has different standards from person to person-what I wear may not be considered modest to some. 
7. I'm a bit outspoken-if it wouldn't get me in trouble, I'd tell you exactly what I was thinking 90% of the time.
8. At the same time, I tend to think about what I say more than most, perhaps.
9. I'm currently searching for the perfect fisherman sweater that looks like the one worn on Magic Of Ordinary Days....don't ask...
10. I love Jesus (hopefully I didn't need to add that for most of you!)!

I'm Wearing: Purple shirt-Vanity $5//Purple Dress-Hand me down//White Skirt-thrifted $3.99//Flip Flops-Old Navy $5//Outfit Total-$13.99!


  1. Your hair looks so pretty Natasha!

  2. That's a fun outfit! I especially like the purple dress. :) I'm with you on the introvert thing, btw! ;)

  3. Le sigh....I love the movie/book The Magic of Ordinary Days. :) I just did an interview with the author...I almost died of happiness. :)

  4. Great outfit Natasha!
    I love to hear from you more often! And thanks for the 'getting to know me' list!

  5. Your hair is so pretty! And I can relate to #2!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. I believe modesty has different standards from person to person-what I wear may not be considered modest to some.

    YES. I wear what my family considers modest and appropriate. If something is too short (i.e. above the knee) I don't like wearing it so I won't. If a shirt comes down to low, I wear a cami or a tank top. Simple :)

  7. Hey Natasha,

    I forgot to tell you that THM is a LOT like the diet my husband and I are on. It's called Bulletproof (from It's like paleo but with very little organic grains (completely no wheat or gluten), full fat from grass-fed butter (no dairy otherwise), organic coconut oil/palm oil, grass-fed meat, organic free range eggs, and other low-toxin no-grain fed animals and animal products. Absolutely no sugar but can use pure organic stevia. We love it! We're actually very dedicated to it, as I can tell you are with yours.

    There are some elements of Bulletproof I believe that are biblical, if not all. We don't eat certain foods because they're naturally moldy or unclean, which means have toxins that your body has a hard time processing. We don't eat processed food, everything is cooked in low temperatures with water and butter/palm/coconut oil. No vegetable or canola oil because they are very unnatural and have bits of trans fat in them.

    Is your whole family doing the diet?


  8. Ok. So I have to know. Why are you looking for the sweater?
    Emily Teen for the Lord

  9. Have you tried slip extenders from aSlipShop? Looks like something that would work with this outfit.


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