What I Wear-Hoodie And Cleared Up Acne!

So, I'd like to share an unexpected side effect of THM! No, It's not negative! This is a photo of me about 2 years ago, honestly, I don't even remember having that bad of acne. However, pictures don't lie! These are completely untouched, no photoshop here, ever. I tried everything to get rid of my acne, I mean everything! Aside from taking prescription medicine to clear it up. I got to the point where I just accepted my acne and moved on. I still washed my face and didn't pick the pimples of course, however I did nothing else.
Enter THM! I hadn't even realized my acne had completely cleared up! I think it can be chalked up to the fact that on this diet I'm eating healthy fats, rarely eating processed food and no sugar (Stevia, yay!). It's also a low glycemic diet, so that can contribute as well. I've also been using coconut oil for a moisturizer and rarely washing my face anymore (after workouts of course, but not to get rid of acne like I was). So there you go-THM clears acne! I still have some small acne scars, but obviously it's nowhere near as bad as it once was.    

I'm Wearing: Black hoodie-Thrifted (ages ago!) $4?//Shirt-Maurices $5//Skirt-Thrifted $3.99//Hat-Wal Mart (ancient) $?// $20//Leggings-Target-$10//

Have you experienced any "side effects" of healthy eating 
(THM or not!)?


  1. oh my goodness! That is AMAZING!!! You have always been beautiful, but you are just radiant now. I'm happy for you. My senior year of high school, I had a really bad acne attack. I, too, tried everything I could to get rid of it. I was so embarrassed, and would look at myself in the mirror and cry! It's not fun. But I'm so glad yours cleared up so nicely!!!

  2. That's so awesome!! Although I don't know the specifics of the THM diet (my mom just explained the gist of it to me though), not eating processed foods and eating healthy fats have amazing health benefits. I never had super bad acne (unless I eat nothing but pizza and fast food and frozen microwave stuff), but I do feel soooo much peppier when I eat well, which thankfully is a way of life for my family.

    I'm so excited for you!

  3. My sister and I were looking through these outfit pics (and loving your adorableness!) and were shocked by the change when you showed your pic from two years ago and now! You have always been beautiful, but what a great thing to feel healthier and to have it show on your skin! Love you and so happy for you, beautiful lady!


  4. That last picture of you is beautiful! (You are I mean...) ;-) ~Rebekah

  5. Great outfit Natasha! The shorter jean skirt that you are wearing is a perfect replica of what I have been wanting to make! It looks like I should get that book!

  6. So happy for ya!:)

  7. That is amazing!! Wow. Cute outfit!

  8. Wow! That is an amazing before and after!

  9. Wow Natasha, that must feel amazing! You have always been gorgeous, but i know that having clear skin just makes one feel great ;) Praise God!

  10. Your skin looks AMAZING!! That's so great! Healthy eating is the best, and it looks like it's worked out wonderfully for you.

    decked out in ruffles

  11. Food can do that to you! My face completely cleared up too. I know that doctors are very knowledgeable, but I also believe that they run a business. They need to sell you prescription drugs that you don't really need in order to help you with a symptom. Those drugs do help with symptoms, but they're really just that---to relieve the symptoms, not the cause. Doctors don't know much about nutrition, because they aren't taught that. They're taught medicine. It's not really their fault for not paying attention to food though, because they've been trained to look at symptoms and then find a cure for that symptom. The problem is, the source (food, for example) can have a TON of symptoms. So if there were 10 symptoms, you'd be on 10 or close to 10 different drugs. All you need to do is to stop eating trans fat, sugar, processed food, etc. and then you won't need the doctor until you get into an accident (perhaps). :)

    So yes, I totally believe in food being the cure for illnesses. God has provided us everything we need in nature, but the problem is that we've destroyed a lot of things in nature... and that comes wise choosing of even natural food. You are what you eat!

    Rachel from A LA MODEST

    1. Maybe it works out for you. Tell that to the millions of people who eat organic, vegan diets and still get cancer by the time they are thirty. Or to people born with diabetes. or are you going to blame their parents? I eat, drink, and do what I like, and am healthy as they come. Its your genetics that decides your overall health. Not your diet. Organic, hoalistic "cures" are usually just so much placebo. My aunt is into that stuff...and she is always ill. The best thing you can do is not worry about it. If you have acne theres plenty of stuff that cues it....and more often then not it goes away by itself.

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  13. Thats something. But I really don't think what you eat is going to clear up actual acne. i am going to guess that you might have had a mild food allergy to something. I know that I break out when my menstrual cycle is at a certain point, or if I use soap on my face(I use cleansers. NO soap), or if I don't wear sunscreen and stay out in the sun. What I eat has never changed anything for me. I rarely get more then a few pimples here and there...but still they happen!


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