What I Wear-Striped Navy Outfit And SNOW!

Today's outfit is a simple, casual Fall outfit! It's definitely cooled off here! We had about 18" of snow fall in less than two days last week! It was insane, even by Montana standards! Since then it's mostly melted off, which is nice. So I'm enjoying the change in seasons! The snow has melted to reveal the lovely vibrant Fall colors in the crisp leaves. Some of you may know that I have a hard time keeping a good attitude and being grateful for the weather sometimes! But I'm trying to be thankful where God has placed me, so I'm cultivating a love for snow! In trying to change my attitude and try to enjoy it, guess what? I discovered snow's not that bad! With the snow brings cooler weather, no more sweating! On top of that, sweaters, hats, scarves and all manner of Winter clothing are staples this time of year! Since this is where God has placed me for the time being: bring on the snow! ; )

I'm Wearing: Striped Shirt-Thrifted $4//White Lace Cami-Vanity-$10//Necklace-Forever 21 $1.50//Skirt-Macy's $2// $20//Outfit Total=$37.50

So how about you? 
Are you grateful in the midst of your circumstances, even if they aren't "perfect"?


  1. Great combo Natasha! Your hair is stunning! Wow, snow?! :) No, I do not like winter either, sides bundling up! I really try to be! Sometimes I think God places us in less blessed peoples' lives so that we can see how blessed we really are compared to some! This has been rolling around in my mind lately- interesting that you brought it up!

  2. I can't say that I'm always grateful for my circumstances, but this past year God has been growing me in that area. :) Your outfit is fun and looks nice and warm! That necklace is really cute.

  3. You look so pretty in this outfit! I especially love your necklace (very much something I would wear too!).

    *knife to the heart* No, I have not been doing well recently with being grateful and joyful in all circumstances. Losing the baby still can be a struggle, hubby's work hours have been really long, health hasn't been all that great (for him now!), and we've been going through some hard times struggling relationally with people we know... Most of the time I feel lonely and dejected and throw myself quite the pity-party, instead of being grateful for the amazing amount of ways I've been blessed. Thank you for the reminder, Natasha.


  4. I've learnt to be grateful as I get older. When a youngster I got through a terrible depression, and I blamed God because things weren't going as I expected. But actually was God who put in my life someone who helped me to going through that moment, and actually I think he usually put the right people in my life.

  5. I've learnt this as I get older. When a youngster I used to blame God because thing weren't going as I expected, particularly when I was under a terrible depression. But actually it was God who put in my life someone who helped to going through that depression. So I started to understand the way he works.


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