What I Wear-Are You Holding Back On Me?

The other day while reading through Genesis, I was thinking about how Eve's story is so prevalent for today's women (or men for that fact). When Eve chose to be deceived by the serpent, she wasn't just disobeying God's command to her. She was basically telling God "Hey, I know you said You know what's best for me. But...I think you're holding back!" So, thinking she knew better, she chose to eat the forbidden fruit, casting herself from perfect union with God and setting off a chain reaction that still effects us today. 

In the same manner as Eve, we do much the same as she did so many years ago. We love God, trust Him with our lives and entrust ourselves to His tender care. But somewhere along the line, we allow Satan to whisper lies in our ears; "God's holding back on you!" 

When life doesn't go the way we think it should-it's automatically God holding back, giving us less than His best. But is that really true? No. 
There are a vast array of reasons for tribulation or having to wait. 

Sometimes God is testing us, sometimes He's telling us no. Sometimes He's making us stronger by carrying us through the fire. Sometimes, simply put, we want what isn't good for us. 

So whatever you're going through, even if it feels like God's holding back on you: HE LOVES YOU! 
He wants you to have a beautiful life filled with joy and blessing. But life's not perfect and neither are you! In the midst of the temptation to say, "God-are you holding back on me?" 
Step back from the situation, remember His promises to you-
  • He'll never you leave you, nor forsake you. 
  • He will finish the work He started in you. 
  • You're never alone when He walks beside you. 

And be thankful for the many blessings you have and above all-remember not to hold out on HIM.


  1. Beautiful outfit and beautiful truth. Your words remind me of one of my favorite songs (one by Francesca Battistelli).
    "Don't take much for this crazy world to rob me of my peace
    And the Enemy of my soul says You're holding out on me.
    So I stand here listing empty hands
    For You to fill me up again."

    It can be hard for me to just trust God... especially with my future children. I feel like I just haven't been allowed to have the simple joy of bringing children into the world like so many of my friends have. I've had a hard road with this and the loss of Promise only has made it even harder. Now as I find myself back where I started, only now with an added loss, it is so easy to be discouraged. Thank you for the reminder.

    Love to you!

    PS. Where did you buy your boots??? Do you know of any stores (even online) where I could find boots in styles similar? I've always loved the "lace up" style but have had trouble finding any that I like the feel of.

  2. So nicely put Natasha!
    Our sermon on Sunday was similar to what you are saying here. :)
    I really like your shirt! Lovely fall colors!
    Your hair looks so radiant! :)


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